When you can't tell if a person is real or CGI. Especially a salesperson with a pre rehearsed speech like the guy from the Trivago commercials.
I think that cheese lady at Costco is a complete Trivago. She doesn't blink and she didn't even stop her sales pitch when I ghosted with a handful of gouda.
by Accident planner August 8, 2017
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Very funny meme about a hotel. Absolutely not overused in youtube comments section.
A. Hotel? Trivago
B: Haha its so funny i cant even 😂😂😂
by rjlovesu June 23, 2020
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Hotel? Trivago
Friend: Where did you book the hotel?
Me: trivago
by UnwashedBrain June 1, 2021
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A company that spends money on TV ads to generate users for Booking.com and underpays their employees.
Hey man have you been to trivago lately?
No! I got a job selling fruit part-time that pays twice as much
by NotRolfSchrömgens October 22, 2018
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The past tense of the word Trivago. As in the hotel website company.
The food was eaten. The water was drank. The tea was spilt. The hotel was trivagoed.
by Peach pudding June 16, 2019
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