a motel with Ho's in it for the pleasuring of men.
let's go to the ho-tel and get a little somthin somthin.
by James March 23, 2004
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A place where a bunch of ho's get a cheap room and have 4-somes all day and night. A word of warning- not a family place.
Guy 1- Dude where all the babes?

guy2- i dont kno. i miss those ho's.

guy 3- dude there all at the ho-tel with all those studs.

guy 1 & 2- DAmmnnnnn
by urbaner7863784682764 August 31, 2010
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Chill place to work if you can shake off the shit cranky bastards throw your way for easily remedied inconveniences. Also a place where parents bring their hot ass 17-18 year old daughters durring college preveiws time. Score!
girl you wanna come to my hotel?
by Hartcore November 20, 2004
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1. A place where you are fucked either way.
If your customer is angry/happy(i mean sexually excited) he fucks you & if your employer is angry/happy(refer the previous meaning) then your seniors fuck you.
2. replica of hell on earth if you are a good person
3. A place where politeness is taught impolitely
1. Wife - Dear, is there any way i can be fucked everyday?
Husband - Ya sure, why dont you join my hotel?
by perzialo October 06, 2007
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