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Praydoh is a non toxic sculpting material that only allows its users to create religious figurines like adult and baby Jesuses, crosses, goblets, tablets and other replications of artifacts associated with the Judeo-Christian religions,
Mike, will you grab some Praydoh from the playroom, someone vandalized the manger in the front yard. I need to make a new Baby Jesus.

Damn this Praydoh! I was trying to make a nice vase for Mom and all i get is a 12 " tall Baby Jesus.
by Torbert October 07, 2020

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When you marry two half empty or more windex bottles to create a single more full more bottle of Windex
Megan WIncested the cleaning supplies so now we can give Dad a full bottle and his windows a thorough cleaning.

Jeanie can you Wincest those mostly empty bottles before that new hire gets here? I don't want him to think were cheap on supplies on his first day at the car wash.
by Torbert July 06, 2018

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Scrambled eggs and ketchup is road rash. Typically this happens form bicycle, motorcycle, scooter and skateboarding accidents on the road. The victim's skin is scratched up into small pills and when mixed with the oozing blood, it looks like scrambled eggs and ketchup.
Oh man did you see Mike eat down that hill. His knee and arm were totally scrambled eggs and ketchup.

Ouch! It looks like somebody ordered scrambled eggs and ketchup for lunch. Didn't i tell you not to wear shorts when riding that Ninja.
by Torbert October 16, 2020

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A fartmitzvah is a special time when a person is extraordinarily gassy and is just farting up a storm, so much so it almost feels like a celebration in that the farter is not holding back.
Geezus Christ Mike , Anna had some of your left over chili last night, and an hour later, it was like somebody threw a fartmitzvah for
Anna. The whole apartment was in a brown sulphuric fog.
by Torbert March 27, 2021

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A jiplomat is an ambassador appointed by a corrupt executive administration that's sole purpose is to exploit his or her's assigned country for its natural resources or civil and commercial contracts.
That crappy Jiplomat hired an contractor from Jasper, Wyoming to rebuild the electrical grid after hurricane Maria hit San Juan.

Our owner is so stupid, he let that Jiplomat convince him he should let Weyerhauser log our land using flown in contractors!
by Torbert October 13, 2020

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Marfed is when your cat throws up a not completely dead mouse or similar small animal.
Nug was on the couch wheezing and then he Marfed . The mouse , a little stunned woke up and scattered.

Holy shit Sam. I swear you owe me a new car. I drove you home and right when we stopped, you Marfed up that Lasagna and it moved.
by Torbert November 09, 2018

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An iPhone Pancake is a falsehood , a bad simulation, something that is either too good to be true or scary, too bad to be true. Or, something that is not what it seems. The description comes from the iPhone ads for the iPhone XS where a planet is depicted on the screen and it looks like a pancake because of the angle of the phone in the picture.
My mom got this email saying she owed the IRS $30,000. I checked it out it was a total iPhone Pancake.

Man, I met what i thought was this super hot girl last night at the Reggie's party, we went to her place and we got naked and she turned out to be a guy! A total iPhone Pancake!
by Torbert October 19, 2018

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