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A jiplomat is an ambassador appointed by a corrupt executive administration that's sole purpose is to exploit his or her's assigned country for its natural resources or civil and commercial contracts.
That crappy Jiplomat hired an contractor from Jasper, Wyoming to rebuild the electrical grid after hurricane Maria hit San Juan.

Our owner is so stupid, he let that Jiplomat convince him he should let Weyerhauser log our land using flown in contractors!
by Torbert October 13, 2020
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Portgland is the slang name for Portland, Oregon where you'll find a variety of people that have glandular disorders.
First it's Jim with his Thyroid, then his first kid is a Type 1 diabetic and now his second kid has hypopituitarism, they need to move to Portgland.
by Torbert May 31, 2021
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A proclamation made usually a Dutch or Scandinavian person when they’re astounded by something. It is the equivalent of “I’ll be”.
Lars saw the Space X rocket land vertically
and said “blasterdam, that’s amazing!”
by Torbert March 29, 2021
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A Gloaca is the glowing version of the cloaca, the orifice of a chicken that serves as both vagina and poop chute.
After Chernobyl, you should have seen it in here, all my chickens got irrardated. At night you could see all these Gloacas every time they pooped or laid an egg.
by Torbert August 26, 2022
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Pokelahoma is the metaphoric place you go when you have sex with a new partner.
Paul said, “ Jenny and I finally went to Pokelahoma after the rodeo.
by Torbert January 7, 2023
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A Dogwood Pony Girl, is a member of a made up elite girls' equestrian school located in the mythical town of Dogwood, Connecticut. Because of it's mysterious provenance, , it has been used to describe a woman who is super smart , beautiful self reliant , but in-inexplicably mysterious.
Have met Sarah? Shes that bio egineering major that transferred from Stanford with the super strong legs. It's hard to get much out of her, She's a total Dogwood Pony Girl.
by Torbert May 21, 2023
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A pudgenius is a slightly obese person that does one thing incredibly well.
They might be the author whose novels captivate the world or the astrophysicist
thar saves the earth from a meteor strike. Whatever it is, they are loved by all despite their out of shape physicality.
Remember that chubby guy, Alex, from class that practically passed out on that walking tour of campus at the start of the semester? He has raised over 20 million dollars on Kickstarter for a book he wrote over the break.
Then, he’s on the Today show and the hotty host practically asked him to marry her. He’s a total
by Torbert March 5, 2022
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