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A tasty treat for you and your imaginary friends! Kids love it, teens love it, children love it! Put it in your cooking or drink it on it's own, it has endless possibilities just at the touch of your smooth, supple fingertips!
Frankbert: "Hello my good friend Jacoby Theodore, would you be currently interested in consuming Windex this noon?"

Jacoby: " Oh yes my close amigo Frankbert McGillian, I am indeed feeling quite peckish for the delectable substance known as Windex!"
by triadix November 07, 2019
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the house hold ant killer, that help jellyfish stings,and also cleans windows.
hand me the windex to kill these little fuckers
by ?ยฟ December 24, 2005
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1) Commercial glass and surface cleaner with ammonia.
2) A mixture of pale-blue Gatorade and Everclear.
1) Yo, I sneezed all over the mirror, get the windex.

2) Damn, I got so hammered on windex last night that I booted on my roommate's flip-and-fuck.
by xargque March 17, 2006
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Used to insult a bald person.
Hey man, do you use Windex? I can see myself in your forehead.
by HoneyBunny October 21, 2004
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1. A cleaning liquid that you spray on glass and people.
2. A perverted internet user
1. Windex! Beyond the blue bottle!
2. Windex is disgusting. He keeps trying to cyberfuck me.
by Windex December 11, 2004
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An ammonia and water based cleaning solution that sure is fun to smell!
Mom: The windows look marvelous, Suzy!
Suzy: EHehEheEehEHhehe!11 PWNED BIHC1
by Alphatard March 06, 2004
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