A "name name" is a name that is common and/or unexciting. The word grouping "name name" was coined in mid-2004 in Canada by a young female wordsmith after downing a potent libationary beverage after a long shift at work.
Emily, the most popular baby name for girls in 2003 (according to the U.S. Social Security Administration), is a name name.
by Tim Lisevich July 21, 2004
A freak whose name is spelled incorrectly on their birth certificate and bags groceries at Albertsons.
Jaen Paul is a two name, name. He never wants to do his homework because he is out busy playing poker and shopping for shoes.
by Duyen Tran March 29, 2005
What someone says when they want you to search their name in the urban dictionary.
Hey search my name my name my name!
by A person on the internet February 16, 2016
When a person has multiple first names.

The amount of first names someone is given denotes how inbred a person is in their family tree.
Mary-Ann (first name - first name) is your sister-cousin because your mom had sex with your uncle.
by Azazer May 20, 2014
a dramatic way of introducing yourself, usually if you are an international superspy
my name is Bond, James Bond.
my name is Blart, Paul Blart.
my name is (last name here), (first name here) (last name here)
by Hammond_Cheese April 25, 2018
Used on myspace usually in their quote, to tell potential friends what their last name is listed as, as to better allow them to send a friend request(as sometimes the settings require a last name). not always real last name, and usually not
last name= last name = means what is already previously stated above
by OhxPrettyxLove July 17, 2008
To take someone's first name + my + last name. So it becomes something quite dirty.
For example (first name my last name): you can Chris my Jones anytime, if you know what i mean!
by Remmie remmie December 9, 2006