264 definitions by Tony

Used in place of the word 'Yes'
"Yo mah Dizzle, Wanna catch a Fizzle on the Televizzle?"
by Tony June 25, 2003
Talented shortstop of the New York Yankees, 3rd Best in the American League behind Nomar Garciaparra and Alex Rodriguez
Ground ball to short Jeter smothers the ball and throws to first for the out!
by Tony October 5, 2003
see alex winter...
To look under something in an attempt to confuse and shock.
Wow, that alex winter sure makes up some retarded words
by Tony October 17, 2003
The way the mentally handicap (or differently abled) might spell the latino term "ese".
uhhh.... duuuhhhh... eye tink dat ese iz spelt e-s-s-a-i.
by Tony March 7, 2004
A sexual move that first involves a running start guiding ones penis into the anus of ones significant other. Thrust repeatedly into your partner until you are on the brink of ejaculation and then slip your penis into your partners mouth and before you cum, punch her in the nose, aka strawberry milkshake.
"Dude, I dont think that my girl appreciated that before the night was over i gave her the fatality"
by Tony February 23, 2005
plowing the snot out of some chick just cause she looked like she could have used a good stiff cock in her ass.
Hey look at that fugly chick at the end of the bar.
yeah but she has some big ole titties!
well shell be a charity fuck later on tonight.
by Tony January 25, 2004
Obnoxious, lude, loud mouth ass hole.
All racist hockey players are merriwethers.
by Tony November 7, 2003