264 definitions by Tony

rhymes with faggot. due to all slipknot fans are faggots.

also a little worm lookin' thing.

go ahead, and IM you little faggots.

AIM - florida is tuff
guy 1: "that kid's a maggot!"
guy 2: "did you say faggot?"
guy 1: "no. maggot."
guy 2: "oh. they're the same thing."
guy 2: "indeed. let's go shit in his locker, for listening to such a shitty band."
by Tony January 16, 2005
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semen, cum, jizz, baby batter, etc
i gave that lovely young ho a taste of my hot man chowder.
by Tony January 28, 2004
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Pronunciation: Pow Wow

Prisoner of WoW aka World of Warcraft.

What my friends have become after being subjected to this game.

An addict to the game WoW. They usually feed their hunger late into the nights screaming at each other for not aggroing that creep while it attacked him. Also see halucinogens

A drug abused by kids who think Stitches is their mortal enemy and killing a guy 36 levels higher than them makes them the Right Hand of God.
"Dakota~~!~@!#@$#!shiftone!~@~! fucking wow, help me this guy aggroed me and you stood there!!~!@ like wow"

"Is it me or does Jordan just naturally look good in a 2 piece bathing suit?"
by Tony June 07, 2005
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(pronounced PUP-PEES), 1. reference to soft, large female breasts, 2.Sex tools that can be played with when choppy lets them out of their material cage.
Did you see those puppies, each one was a double hander.
He was able to slip it in right between her puppies to his delight.
by Tony March 05, 2004
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A Rap group on the rise from harlem, The Purple City Byrd Gang consists of Shiest Bub, Un Kasa and Agallah also members of the Harlem Diplomats, Cam'Ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana sold over 80,000 mixtapes on the street.
"That's us that Purple City Byrd Gang!"
by Tony March 11, 2005
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In the 21st century, two men, generically named Tony and Jack, realised their lives were unlike those whom surrounded them. Tireless efforts to endure through life's many battles, only one name came with no surprise, to describe their such lives.

They are simply, profoundly, whom have no purpose when alive, nor purpose when deceased, the un-cared for, the un-needed nor wanted, the purposelessnessist.
When one realises they have no purpose in life and no one cares about one and vice-versa
by Tony January 12, 2005
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