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ass, pussy, lips, guts
I wanna crush them joonies.
by Tony September 29, 2003
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Really nice, fun and smart!!! She has glasses and has the cutest, strongest smelling Korean lip balm ever! But that doesn't compare to her smile!!! Loves BTS and her friends. She's artistic, a doggie mama and is the perfect IB student (#killingthegame).

She's an underground nail artist and makes exclusive babybell wax finger tips. Her quirks make her special in more way than one, example, Joony must brush her teeth at 9:30 every night and spoke in third person till the fifth grade to parents !!

But besides this, we love her very much !!!! <3
Joony is an extremely fancy unground nail artist
by Kyle and the special one September 21, 2018
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The pre-boondocks or a neighborhood that's ghetto, but mellow at the same time.
I rather live in the Joonies!
You know, like the pre-boondocks!
Oh yeah, the Joonies.
by Trill2DaMax July 19, 2014
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