265 definition by Tony

A condition in which a place of business puts a temporary halt on the hiring of new employees. This is often the result of the CEO purchasing a new yacht or Fiji beach home and usually means that employees of said company should start looking for new jobs.
"Thank you for interviewing with us, but management has just initiated a hiring freeze. We will be keeping your resume on file. I am going to go kill myself now."
by Tony November 15, 2004

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for one to invite you to come forth
bring it bitch
by Tony June 16, 2003

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The best damn chocolate company--ever. It may be expensive, but it's the finest quality of chocolate you'll ever taste. I recommend that you savor it for maximum enjoyment.
$2.00 for an espresso truffle?!?!! Oh well, it's from Godiva so it must be good.

*makes a tiny nibble*

...mmmm, this tastes just as good as when my boyfriend kisses me
by Tony May 12, 2004

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A city in southern Poland worth visiting.
3rd most populated city in Poland (ca. 800'000 citizens)
It's truly worth to see Cracow.
by tony November 07, 2004

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semen, cum, jizz, baby batter, etc
i gave that lovely young ho a taste of my hot man chowder.
by tony January 28, 2004

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One of talks on vent, then when you say his name to get his attention, magically vanishes from his computer.

One who toggles on and off to impress kids who are better than him (basically everyone).

One who sucks at cs because he plays too much WoW.
"Dude, my priestess of the moon is level 36"

"Stop being a kaos fag."
by Tony March 19, 2005

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When pushing out a fart and accidentaly letting a small rounded chunk out shit escape with it.
Damn I'm gassy today...hang on gotta fart......awww shit I popped a nugget!!
by tony January 22, 2004

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