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a noise made by many strake/st. agnes students to indicate a range of emotions including (but not limited to) regret, embarrassment, uncertainty, disgust, and hesitant disagreement. used best with a hand motion of both hands, palm out, shaking back and forth as if to say "not me." we think it came from mrs. mouton, but we can't be totally sure.
"i just ran a red light and now that cop is following me. ulll..."
by tony April 4, 2005
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That sexy chrome silhouette of a chick you see on redneck semis' grills and mudflaps.
Hey Ernie, those Mudflag Girl mudflaps on your rig over there look pretty good. Where do ya think a guy could get some of those?
by tony April 11, 2005
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Marijuana a time of the day when one smokes marijuana
A time or date when one smokes marijuana
by tony April 22, 2005
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"The Almighty"
Usually used in reference to an uber swarve person with fly mackin skills.
Bob : Woah! That dude is off da hook! He's TA.
Babe: Yeh, daym he's fine! Definitely TA.
by tony May 9, 2004
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A manky chick, a woman who has passed her sell by date, a grunter, a swamp donkey
Oh look there goes Richard David in his dungo pants, no wonder he has so much bruised fruit
by tony July 13, 2004
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a cross between weiner and anus
Bill is a wenus
by tony November 15, 2003
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