A term of endearment between online friends, similar to "buddy", "bro", etc. Tends to be used when one friend does something silly or funny.
Used mainly in America by those unfamiliar with the derogative form of the word.

Also used: goof, goofball, goofy
"You're such a goofball :P"
"You're so goofy"
by BohemianGoof February 10, 2012
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west coast slang for crystal meth and heroin in the same intravenous shot. it is not to be confused with speedball (cocaine and heroin)
jay: I got clear and black you wanna goofball?
jesse: im on my way let’s get goofy.
by amphboy January 18, 2019
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Mixing Methamphetamine and Heroin for IV injection. Similar to "Speedball" which uses Cocaine and Heroin.
Dude, That goofball I slammed lastnight had me spun crazy all fucking night!
by Diacetylmorphine June 8, 2005
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one who makes goofy jokes and tends to say omg to goofy things
goofball: omg
normal ball: you're a goofball
goofball: omgomg!
by spanooj November 1, 2004
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1. mildly ludicrous, laughable, sometimes dearly, inoffensive stupid person or an act

2. a kind of sleeping pill or drug that is sedative, hypnotic, and antispasmodic and is often addictive. Examples include crystal meth, coke, heroine, LSD, magic mushroom.
A: Why is Katy wearing her panties as tiara?
B: She's such a goofball.
A. The goofball could be on goofball.
by SGreen October 7, 2009
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a goofball is a word to describe an Amelia, not just any Amelia
THE goofball amelia

she is the definition of a goofball

always in a silly goofy mood 🤪
(Susan) oh look at her what a goofball

(Will) no shit Sherlock it’s Amelia
by Susan.mills February 1, 2022
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