Nigga that’s so black his skin turns purple
Bob this is frank on the phone did you see that black negro move next to me!
by Racist definitions r CUNY February 02, 2020
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A double niggative describing that one white guy who tries to immerse himself in black culture.
White Guy #1: Ay yo homie, wanna go smoke weed at Kentucky Fried Chicken after some ballin'?
White Guy #2: Shut up Timothy, stop being a Negro Black Man. We all know you ain't black.
by The-Penetrator May 12, 2016
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Black people are Maltesers with no hair , usually women that have around 15 kids in their cave. Males however are big monkeys that have dicks that are 10 inches or more and when fully erected take up about 90% of their body's blood.Males are usually called Zeus or Tyrone and Black Women are called white people names.
Today is a black koon negro day I have enjoyed it.
by Ye mums Orange Dragon July 13, 2019
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