15 definitions by Tom Bomb

1. founded the Corrupt Crew in 2002
2. founded the 4A in 2003
3. co-hosted b0rked in 2003
4. founded the b0mbz0ne in 2005
Tom Bomb always starts crews to do random projects that help the soul.
by Tom Bomb December 31, 2005
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1. Form of "artwork" to gain approval from sick-minded and uncreative others
2. In 2020 you'll be unique without one
3. An ugly deformed blot on the elderly
4. a rite of passage into American conformity
5. The only compromise that Goths, Skaters, Punks, Preps, Jocks, Rednecks, and street thugs share: "I'm so cool, check out my new tat!"
6. A permanent reminder of a drunk moment
7. The next generation will rebel against them
Check out that butterfly tattoo on that MILF's midriff, it is the only ugly thing about her.
by Tom Bomb December 24, 2005
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1. dead meat on four-twenty
2. use their materialism to show to others
3. have lots of money and most suffer from severe depression
That prep that made fun of my wal*mart shirt and payless shoes is get their grill handed to them.
by Tom Bomb December 31, 2005
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1. A sport made up of jerks and preps who think they are Joe Military and Joe SWAT but fail to realize that their snotty rich-kid attitudes won't even get them into basic training
2. A sport with guns that look like garbage from a low budget Sci-Fi film
by Tom Bomb December 27, 2005
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1.Anyone who says that these are the best 4 years of your life needs to get a better job
2. A place to target practice my new Ak-47
3. The best place to hide your stash
4. A place where you learn how to get high, hence the name high school
High school was the WORST years of my life next to middle school.
by Tom Bomb December 24, 2005
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Someone who has a hobby, regardless of what the hobby may be; takes it way too seriously by spending too much money and time on it, and makes fun of newbies
There goes Joe, the ham radio hobbyist making fun of the Tech class licencees for their voice-only privileges
by Tom Bomb December 31, 2005
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1.The hiking version of a "poser", they don't enjoy nature, they just race up the trails at 6AM to show off to their white collar co-workers the following Monday and harass other hikers on the trail for being newbies and not in shape, even though the other hikers are just relaxing.
2. Fitness freaks who are looked down upon by the rest of the hikers on the trail
3. The hiking version of a "1337 h8k0r"
As I was photographing the skyline, an avid hiker raced past me and said, "Get out of my way!"
by Tom Bomb December 31, 2005
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