15 definitions by Tom Bomb

A ridiculously short shift that is in the middle of the day that kills any plans that you have.
Subway gave me a bitch shift from 6pm-8pm.
by Tom Bomb January 6, 2006
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1. dead meat on four-twenty
2. use their materialism to show to others
3. have lots of money and most suffer from severe depression
That prep that made fun of my wal*mart shirt and payless shoes is get their grill handed to them.
by Tom Bomb January 1, 2006
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1. A revolution that ended school bullying once and for all.
2. A weak defense for gun control advocates (lets have car control cuz they kill more people)
3. A reference that nerds make to threaten the jocks at school who used to tease them.
Jock: uh, uh, I am gonna kick your ass nerd
Me: I'll freakin' Columbine your ass. Your the first on my hit list so you best ditch and get baked on four twenty
Jock: I'm sorry, I was just teasing
Me: You are still number 2 next to the slutty cheerleader who called me a fag.
Jock: No please, I'm begging you.
Me: oh, you're so dead
by Tom Bomb December 29, 2005
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1. A warehouse that sells gourmet products in bulk at low prices
2. A place where the lead cart pusher makes $17.50 an hour plus benefits
3. A place where the guy who bakes cakes and muffins gets $22.50 an hour plus benefits
4. A place that makes the best freakin' pizza in the planet
5. Membership club where the only profit made is off the the yearly membership fees and the cost of merchandise pays for all of our expenses
6. The only company in the world where the CEO is friendly and distrubutes all of the company's income fairly
7. Low turn over rate
8. Will always cause the Target Corporation to fail its mission of becoming the Best Company Ever
Costco is a cool place to work and shop
by Tom Bomb December 28, 2005
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1.Anyone who says that these are the best 4 years of your life needs to get a better job
2. A place to target practice my new Ak-47
3. The best place to hide your stash
4. A place where you learn how to get high, hence the name high school
High school was the WORST years of my life next to middle school.
by Tom Bomb December 25, 2005
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A job where you get few hours, usually on weekends and evenings and make close to minimum wage
Target is shitjob, I work every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6pm-11pm
by Tom Bomb January 6, 2006
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1. Form of "artwork" to gain approval from sick-minded and uncreative others
2. In 2020 you'll be unique without one
3. An ugly deformed blot on the elderly
4. a rite of passage into American conformity
5. The only compromise that Goths, Skaters, Punks, Preps, Jocks, Rednecks, and street thugs share: "I'm so cool, check out my new tat!"
6. A permanent reminder of a drunk moment
7. The next generation will rebel against them
Check out that butterfly tattoo on that MILF's midriff, it is the only ugly thing about her.
by Tom Bomb December 25, 2005
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