Most say its hell but that word doesn't even begin to describe it.
Parents "How was High School?"
Kid "It starts with a h and ends with L."
by A Human Male April 27, 2017
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You have just met the following people:

The following things have happened:
Met someone you like
Asked someone out
Went out With Someone
Cheated on someone
Broke Up With someone
Been Punched/Slapped
Been Teased
Been Spat On
Broke Down

You Will Be introduced To the following things:

While All This is happening you also enjure annyoing/mean/boring techers while Working on your studies including bascis like science, maths, history, geography and a Different laguage.

Also while all this is happening you are expected to:
Never fight
Never swear
Never Get Angery
Never Backchat
Sit Up straight and pay attention
by Another day November 03, 2006
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You will actually have to study for Honors/Pre-AP/AP classes. You will most likely forget about your friends, family and love life, and will exist for the sole purpose of reaching a 4.5 GPA and studying for the impending SATs. You may experience unexplainable weight loss, paleness, and passing out randomly in class. The only free time you have will be spent crying and listening to sad music while reviewing notes for the 90th time to get a 78 on your AP chemistry test. Average sleep hours=2.5 per school night, 5=per week day.

High school kids stay awake by mixing energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and vitamin C supplements in a blender, then shutting their eyes and drinking it. They tend to drink about 5 a day.

Students are taught to "think for themselves" AKA conform to the people (usually idiots) around them . Most conform. Some don't and end up living poor because society rejects them. A few clever ones keep up their grades and bullshit through high school while at the same time harboring their individuality inside. These will probably survive/enjoy life and not end up

a. poor

b. dead

c. hating their stupid kids, spouse, job, and life.

Teachers don't give a fuck about anyone and usually spend their time playing computer games and getting pissy when you need to ask them a question. Gym teachers are fat, and whip you like dominatrixes to run the damn mile.

Good luck in high school...see you on the other side...
Me: I'm a sophomore in high school as of August 2011. Help me.
Fellow Goth kid: I feel you.

Dude: I though this was gym, not a BDSM crash course!
by Aceywantsyoursoul October 14, 2011
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That place where you spend four years hoping that you get by. Where about 90% of everything you hear from anyone (including teachers) is the most bogus misinformed crap. Either you go to parties, get drunk and have lots of sex or you don't.

You could be a nerd, an emo punk, a druggo, a preppy cool kid, a gossip monger or that guy everyone loves and hates at the same time. Your ultimate aim is to get into Princeton or Harvard or Cornell or whatever (dream on).

Listen to good music, take lots of power naps, try to get out of town as much as possible, watch Seinfeld and take advantage of life's small offerings and you'll be A-OK.

Also, study for 25 hours a day and do all your fucking homework if you don't wanna be a miserable faliure.
Dad: ah, I remember my senior year of high school in 1988. I had a girlfriend and always snuck out at night. Then I made it into Yale.

Son: sounds lit, dad. I'm glad you had so much fun.
by Themostunimportantpersonontheb December 12, 2018
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Known as the "4 best years of your life", but is usually the worst years of your life. High school is often full of endless work, assholes, and extreme lack of sleep.
Dude I fucking hate high school. Why do my teachers always have to give me 5 tests a day at the end of a marking period?

Research suggests that the average amount of sleep high school students get per night is 5.451139 hours. Also, when surveyed, 73% of high school students confess to drinking large amounts of caffeinated drinks on a daily basis.
by qwertyyuoewiruwoqei September 11, 2009
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High school is where teenagers try constantly to try and fit in, knowing that some day their life will get better... hopefully. Parents are constantly saying that high school is the BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE. When in reality... it's the worst.

When your in high school, you're...
1. Trying to hook up. Yes, that means sex.

2. Trying to fit into the "popular" group. The only thing the popular group is, is bitchy. How fun.

3. Trying to stay awake in classes, you don't care about.

4. Trying to "pass".

5. Trying to survive.

6. Not to get involved with drugs, and smoking.

Preps, jocks, nerds, goths, greasy haired kids, the list could go on.

Technically, survival of the fittest.
by Love your smile November 05, 2010
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