A fusion of education and prison for adolescents.

Calling it 'the best four years of your life' is fucking bullshit. Each year you spend at this so-called 'school' has it's own special horrors.

Freshmen: Every other grade hates you. You probably hate yourself, too, because you're too goofy for the older grades who've lost their desire to exist. Having anything remotely close to an interaction with one of you is like trying to talk to a circus animal who just got introduced to cocaine.

Sophomores: At this point, you begin to understand why freshman are hated as much as they are. The main feature of your sophomore year is that 'groups' such as the athletes, the nerds, and the druggies emerge. It's like being in a television show where everybody is a walking stereotype.

Juniors: You've probably lost your sanity and your will to live by this point. Because senior year is just a big blow-off and a waste of everybody's time, you get to spend this year cramming four semesters' worth of content into two. The main specialty of this year is getting carpet-bombed into oblivion by homework.

Seniors: You spend no time on school whatsoever. In school, you probably don't give a single fuck what your grades are and will instead devote endless hours to doing nothing when you could be in college or at home learning a skill.
Karl: What is that giant brick building?

Joe: That's high school.
by RollyPolly657 April 16, 2022
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Most say its hell but that word doesn't even begin to describe it.
Parents "How was High School?"
Kid "It starts with a h and ends with L."
by A Human Male April 28, 2017
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A place where teens have so much pressure that they are pushed so far to the point where they just want to kill themselves.
“ High school is putting so much pressure on me!”
by Suicidal Person December 8, 2017
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A place that strips you of all confidence and happiness, and if you complain to any adult about it, the tell you to grow up.
Kid: Mom, high school really makes me fell depressed.

Mom: You kids don't know what depressed is. Just wait til you get to the real world.
by hahahahahahahaouch February 15, 2020
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You will actually have to study for Honors/Pre-AP/AP classes. You will most likely forget about your friends, family and love life, and will exist for the sole purpose of reaching a 4.5 GPA and studying for the impending SATs. You may experience unexplainable weight loss, paleness, and passing out randomly in class. The only free time you have will be spent crying and listening to sad music while reviewing notes for the 90th time to get a 78 on your AP chemistry test. Average sleep hours=2.5 per school night, 5=per week day.

High school kids stay awake by mixing energy drinks, coffee, cigarettes, and vitamin C supplements in a blender, then shutting their eyes and drinking it. They tend to drink about 5 a day.

Students are taught to "think for themselves" AKA conform to the people (usually idiots) around them . Most conform. Some don't and end up living poor because society rejects them. A few clever ones keep up their grades and bullshit through high school while at the same time harboring their individuality inside. These will probably survive/enjoy life and not end up

a. poor

b. dead

c. hating their stupid kids, spouse, job, and life.

Teachers don't give a fuck about anyone and usually spend their time playing computer games and getting pissy when you need to ask them a question. Gym teachers are fat, and whip you like dominatrixes to run the damn mile.

Good luck in high school...see you on the other side...
Me: I'm a sophomore in high school as of August 2011. Help me.
Fellow Goth kid: I feel you.

Dude: I though this was gym, not a BDSM crash course!
by Aceywantsyoursoul October 14, 2011
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You have just met the following people:

The following things have happened:
Met someone you like
Asked someone out
Went out With Someone
Cheated on someone
Broke Up With someone
Been Punched/Slapped
Been Teased
Been Spat On
Broke Down

You Will Be introduced To the following things:

While All This is happening you also enjure annyoing/mean/boring techers while Working on your studies including bascis like science, maths, history, geography and a Different laguage.

Also while all this is happening you are expected to:
Never fight
Never swear
Never Get Angery
Never Backchat
Sit Up straight and pay attention
by Another day November 4, 2006
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A place worse then hell, filled with fake ass teachers, friends, people, and FOOD
Mom: "how was your day"

Me: "ughhh.. It was high school all over again"
by Therealshittingtruth December 22, 2014
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