The smartest, most fucked-up floor to ever grace the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Currently occupying the fourth floor of the A tower in Sellery 09-10, these students party harder on an average Thursday then you ever partied on your craziest night in college. Each weekend brings about new missing residents, new under-ages, new write-ups, and new injuries. On Wisconsin!
"Oh my god, did you, like, hear 4A blasting their music last night? It's, like, a Thursday night. Like, omg, wtf?"

"You, my friend, are the next winner of the 4A 'Most Fucked Uuup' Trophy - congratulations."

"Woke up this morning to find that all the toilets on 4A are covered in puke... so I took a shit on the floor."

"True Life: I Live on Sellery 4A."
by cooch kate February 24, 2010
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An early home computer (which pre-dates the term "PC") release by Texas Instruments in June of 1981. The TI99/4A computer sold for $525, without a monitor. Specs included:

RAM: 256 bytes - Memory expansion card can be added : 4 KB or 32 KB (up to 52 KB)

ROM: 26 K


Built in software: TI Basic

Processor: TMS9900

Clock: 3.3 MHz

NTSC: TMS9918A/TMS9928A, PAL/SECAM: TMS9929A, 256 x 192, 64 x 48, 32 x 24. 16 Colors available. Standard mode: 24 lines and 32 columns of 8x8 pixel characters, with 2 colors (foreground and backgroud) per group of 8 characters. Text mode: 24 lines and 40 columns of 8x6 pixel characters. Monochrome display: 2 colors (foreground, background) for all characters. No sprites. Multicolor mode: 48 lines and 64 coloumns of 4x4 boxes. Each box can have its own color. Graphic mode: 192 lines and 32 columns of 1x8 pixels "characters". Each character can have its own set of two colors. In addition, the VDP can handle up to 32 sprites. Each can have a color of its own (background is always transparent).

Color Palette: 16

TMS 9919 Complex Sound Generator. The sound chip can emit simultaneously up to 3 tones and 1 noise (which can be a periodic or a white noise). The theoretical frequency range is from 28 Hz to 111 kHz and the volume can be adjusted on a scale of 0 to 15.

1 x Cartridge, 1 x Expansion Port, 1 x Composite Monitor Out, 1 x Cassette Interface, 1 x Joystick (non Atari compatible)

Disk drive:
No built-in drive.

Power supply:
Many a programmer learned to write code on a TI-9/4a.
by ogreesh April 27, 2005
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