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The most extreme form of mental.
- When you're able to clearly identify someone who is mental through the natural look on their face, despite them acting in an otherwise rational and sane manner.
- Ideal as an insult; typically a step up from mental or mental in the head, but can also be used as a description of how someone looks. For example; if they genuinely look as though they are about to massacre an orphanage.
- Look, if he's such a good friend, then why can't you just be honest with him?
- Honest? Are you mental in the face? Imagine how that would look.

Thomas Leone is mental in the face. But if you ever say this to his mental face, he will roundhouse you in the prick.
by Thomas Leone October 21, 2009
The use of codes is common in hospitals, so as not to alarm other patients. The expression 'cold-tea syndrome' is used by medical staff to indicate that a patient has died. It refers to several cups of undrunk, cold tea on the deceased persons bedside table.

It's good to know the supply of tea doesn't stop coming, just because you're dead. Not to discredit the NHS, but surely there are more scientific methods to determine when someone has died. How much of NHS resources are wasted making tea for the dead. What happens if you just don't drink tea and they throw you out. You'd have people buried yelling:
- Janine, go to ward 3 now, Mrs Norris has caught a bad case of cold-tea syndrome. I would go so far as to say she's never going to recover from it.
by Thomas Leone October 18, 2009
Consequently what I have accomplished by the submission of this article. Please, read on. The satirical example below is entirely for your enjoyment.
- You know what really is a waste of valuable time and proof that you have no life to speak of?
- No, but now I'm curious, enlighten me.
- The Invention Of A Very Long Phrase In Order To Achieve Recognition On A Renowned Lexicographically Based Web Site With The Sole Intention Of Satisfying Ones Desire To Submit Potentially The Longest Entry.
- You're right. Anyone who would do that is nought but a despondent pariah; a social outcast; an antisocial recluse; an awkward shit you might say.
by Thomas Leone October 18, 2009
One of the common colloquialisms for sambuca.
Along with: Samuel Buca, Sammy Buca, Sammy B, Sam B, SB, S to the B, Sam to the Bizzle and The SamBucanator.
Sambuca itself is a flavoured elderberry liqueur. From Italy it is made from elderberries and flavoured with aniseed or liquorice.
Hello my gorgeous lady-friends. Now before we get acquainted, may I introduce my good friend, Sir Samuel Of Buca.
-What'll it be?
-Can I have 3 shots of SB my good man.
by Thomas Leone October 13, 2009
To start acting aggressive and edgy.
Characterised by tough, thuggish behaviour.
That bitch is getting all up in my face, I'ma have to get my beast on, and put her in her place.

Hey, that guy's been talking about you. You should get your beast on and show him what for.
by Thomas Leone October 12, 2009
Term invented by Winston Churchill to describe communist countries in which there is an exceptional amount of queuing.

Churchill Fact: Churchill was renowned for not washing his hands after using the toilet. It's reported, he was once reprimanded by an older Etonian for not washing his hands after visiting the lavatory and was told.
"At Eton they taught us to wash our hands after using the lavatory", to which Churchill replied.
"At Harrow, they taught us not to piss on our hands".
Bert - You know I do love a good queue.
Terry - You should visist Russia. You'd love it, it's like a virtual queuetopia.
by Thomas Leone October 18, 2009
A Pornographic Sitcom. Ideally filmed in front of a live studio audience which creates a better atmosphere than with canned laughter.
-What's this then?
-You don't have to hide the fact you're watching porn, I'm not your girlfriend
-I wasn't watching porn.
-Oh no, that's right, you're typing up a spreadsheet?
-I was watching a porncom actually. It's a cross between porn and a sitcom.
by Thomas Leone October 13, 2009