Pronounced: "el-ī-eks", as each letter is said separately but in quick succession.

"Loving It to the Extreme/ly" or "Loving It Extreme/ly"

Believed to have orginated in North-Eastern England in the early 21st Century. Not widely known or used.

Acceptably used as text talk or internet blogging.
What'd you think of the band we saw last night? - LIX, they were great, I loved 'em.
Check out this funny video, you're gonna LIX.
by Thomas Leone October 7, 2009
To hurt or injure someone.
Shut up for I Lix you jhit
by Slanging Florida October 17, 2020
Lix. Pronounced L-I-CK-S A Trinidad/Tobago/ Caribbean term for getting beaten
"Did you see the fight between Andrea and Amelia? Andrea got LIX
by Yourfavbestie November 11, 2020
a real motherfucker who’s horny and kinky, he’s kinda cute doe and I love him. I’ll chop yo dick off if you hurt him-
his friends: callin him names like lix n’ shit

me: asshole
by dumbasscrackhead101 April 17, 2020
A patented vibrating barbell, an oral vibrator, Lix for pierced tongues has powerful vibrations that will send your partner through the roof!
It also has a version for non pierced tongues.
•Surgical Steel
•Powerful Vibrating Motor
•The Original
I had my tongue pierced and bought a glow in the dark Lix to wear to the club! It was really hip and looked so cool in all my photos!
I bought it online!
by TONGUEJOY May 31, 2013
Tw lix anyone, cos he's a stix
by A friend of Tw September 7, 2003