(to pull a)(N) something believed impossible. Originated from Chuck Norris and his God-like stature.
Guy 1: Dude! That guy just walked away from a 3 story fall!
Guy 2: He totally pulled a Norris!
by Pezking400 December 24, 2007
A fucking from fine ass kid!!Always gets girls. Doesn't trust anyone and HAS LOOSE ASS TEMPER TO ANYONE THAT MESSES WITH HIM
Norris the kid who gets hoes but won't pay them any attention
by Tmackle324 December 24, 2016
When someone is completely defined by their corruption. This could be used as a statement defining a politician, a political figure, or a PAC.

A phrase made popular in the 2020 Kootenai County, Idaho Sheriff election.
"That simp over there," pause for effect, "is one big Norris."
by It'sAOneTimeThing August 26, 2020
A last name that not only gets you loved by all your teachers by calling you chuck but nobody would ever want to start a fight with you because of your fearful last name!
I want to beat up that kid over there.
"Don't do it man he's/she's a Norris!!"
by mitchn5 December 18, 2011
A way to emphasise the preceding word. Comes from Chuck Norris.
Cor blimey, it's a bit chilly norris today. (It's very cold today)

Man oh man, I am hungry norris. (I am starving!)
by meelingan March 17, 2017
An extremely OP figure to the extent of omnipotence. Comes from Chuck Norris.
Gamer: Damn, Meta Knight is a real Norris.
Gamer 2: Agreed.
by In My Defense... March 27, 2015
Norris was born and raised in Saskatchewan. This means she can drink beer like it’s water, fix anything with duct tape and wire, and carries a knife in her car. CAUTION: Skills include the ability to accidentally break/ruin/destroy random objects or bring self-harm by not living in reality.
by TTW member February 3, 2010