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A Sweet bubbly girl, she's quiet at some times but as you get to know her, she'll be a crazy outgoing person. She likes having fun with friends and loves to eat. She is a fun and loving person. She enjoys making people laugh and cheer them up, even if she doesn't know them! Under her bubbly self, she's insecure and sensitive. She can be serious at times, nice and sweet. She Doesn't take everything too seriously and also Doesn't complain on her problems. Gives good advice and listens to her friends.

Above all, she always finds time to have fun. She always smile at the most possible times. Even when she's sad, She doesn't show it. She has temper, but can control it. But being a joyful girl, no one wants her sad...right? She tends to love pranking people with all sorts of fun stuff. She had a very bad past when she was young as she was always bullied. When she moved to her new life, she wanted to change. She wanted someone to always make her smile, someone who can help her bury her past. She’s really good at dancing and singing, and she can paint or draw almost everything. And above All that, She’s very Athletic and Sporty. And really amazing at cheering people up! :)
Janine may not be Perfect, but she's nearly there...
by Someone Around The Corner March 30, 2013
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She’s Sweet, Caring, Lovable and Funny. She’s a bit of a Boyish kind of girl. She’s Really Mysterious. She loves to get down and dirty. You will think she’s just a harmless and shy girl but you thought wrong. She’s a good comforter to friends. She’s short tempered so don’t you every make her angry. She’s an optimistic girl like when something goes wrong, she’ll always be there to enlighten your mood.
X: *sad*

Janine: Cheer up!! Look at the bright side!
by DotSmiley March 30, 2013
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Janine has eyes that you can never forget with a glaze of crystal over them that makes them shine, even in the dark.

Their beauty strikes you with positivity because they have the most loving hearts.
Wise people, they seek honesty and love with deep feelings.
Often creative and multi-skilled, they constantly want to explore and go on adventures.
"Janine is the girl with the eyes that smile, even when she's sleeping"
by tasaja March 26, 2014
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n-(ja-neen)The most wonderfully beautiful, and honest person in the world. Known to be more beautiful than the sunny morning sky and lovelier than the moonlit summer walk home. She dont take no shit. People from South Philly will usually call her "G" even though theres no g or g-sound anywhere to be found. The best friend you ever even heard of. Bubblicious.
I never knew what he meant by "kaleidoscope eyes" until I met Janine.
by fattdiggy February 04, 2010
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Aka known as "Mrs.Ling" at 1st sight seems innocent later revealing her crazy ass side. she is sexy asf and is petty
Cynthia : you know my friend Janine
bob: Yeah that crazy bitch
by linda marie jones September 24, 2016
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A smart, talented, lovely, beautiful, kindhearted, passionate, funny, girl, who thoroughly enjoys making waffles in her free time. She also loves when people make her waffles, especially her closest friends. She loves studying about required reserves. She doesn't care what other people think about her and is always very easy going and fun to be around. She is the best cuddler in the world and her hair always smells good. She is the best friend anyone could ask for and always puts others first. She's that friend you call at 1 in the morning when you need someone to speak to you. She knows how to make you feel better and knows how to make you laugh. Besides the fact that she has a great personality, she has a rockin bod. Shes a hottie.
Random guy: Oh hey look at that girl over there. I bet she could make great waffles.

Another random guy: Duhh she's a Janine.
by Ritz Cracker0 987656789 June 16, 2011
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