to act silly or drunk-like due to the fact that you havnt bee drunk in a long time, like when you go a weekend without drinking.
this weekend I didn't get drunk at all and now I feel undrunk
by dlf998 December 16, 2009
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Someone who is so drunk that they seem to have joined the realm of the undead. Symptoms include staring forward dumbassedly, drooling, not hearing a damn thing you're saying, or walking slowly with arms outstretched through the beer cooler isle. -- In extreme instances they are known to fall down and get back up over and over, as if impervious to pain, as they stumble towards their next victim (i.e. six-pack).
Person #1 "How drunk were you?"
Person #2 "I was so drunk that I pretty much died. But I was still somehow walking around, trying to walk to the end of the cold beverages area of the quickie mart."
Person #1 "Oh, you were undrunk!"
by sumpin_speshal October 18, 2009
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the inability to feel drunk during a day/night while drinking heavily. Usually occurs the night following a hangover.

Many have tried to fight this condition by keeping on drinking despite the lack of effect, this usually results in getting sick before feeling drunk.
The irreversibility of this condition has been disputed as some claim to have succeeded in eventually getting drunk.
tom: dude, last night was really lame
mike: really? i heard everybody say it was a sick party!
tom: well, maybe it was, but i was undrunkable..probably from drinking so much the night before...anyway, i gave up after a couple hours and just went home
by yeahprobably June 16, 2010
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food eaten after excessive alcohol consumption to satisfy munchies, to sober up or to avoid having a hangover the following morning
I'm headed home, but first I gotta stop at Philadelphia Cheesesteak Co. for some undrunk food so I'm not crashin tomorrow.
by Liz007 November 2, 2006
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