means Love You when used in text or instant messaging.
can be used in two ways:
1. to mean endearment between friends, generally female

2. to actually mean the words i love you, in a romantic sense
1. sara: ive got to go now
jess: ok, see you soon, ly
sara: bye

2. aaron: i ly so much babes
hana: i ly too x
by Lloveshim January 5, 2009
You Donald Trumply stupidly gamecube-controllingly dictionary-readingly gratuitously unfair moronicly unjustifiable buffoon
by IAmPseudonyMeRoar!!! December 17, 2018
honey, that green fingernail polish is SO ly.
by jingz July 11, 2006
how was your day ? have you eaten yet ? did school go well ? okay dont forget to ly bro ❤️
by spongebobhugger October 21, 2020
An art that is very hard to master and dangerous to fail at.
lying is good for dealing with authority figures.

For example:

boss: Joe! Did you get that report finished?

Joe: Yes, I'll have it on your desk by lunch.

where Joe hasn't got the report finished.
by Darth Azule February 10, 2010
The best person ever is named “Lys”. Always be a Lys.
Yass Lys” “Captain Lys” First place goes to Lys”
by l y s September 8, 2019