means Love You when used in text or instant messaging.
can be used in two ways:
1. to mean endearment between friends, generally female

2. to actually mean the words i love you, in a romantic sense
1. sara: ive got to go now
jess: ok, see you soon, ly
sara: bye

2. aaron: i ly so much babes
hana: i ly too x
by Lloveshim January 05, 2009
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You Donald Trumply stupidly gamecube-controllingly dictionary-readingly gratuitously unfair moronicly unjustifiable buffoon
by IAmPseudonyMeRoar!!! December 17, 2018
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a person(usually female) with cancer mostly known to the viginal area so called pussy; a sister of a fob who listen to a popular song known as suteki da ne; person that went through lukemia thrapy and lost their hair resulting to wear a wig made ut of cow dung
by Luan(sutekidane bitch) May 09, 2004
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I common phrase used in Ireland. It is basically the shortened version of "Why are you lying for? or "What are you lying for? It is usually used in a Rhetorical manner.
Guy 1:...Then I hooked up with both her and her sister on the same nite

Guy 2: Lying For?
by AboveTheWorld February 25, 2012
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The best person ever is named “Lys”. Always be a Lys.
Yass Lys” “Captain Lys” First place goes to Lys”
by l y s September 08, 2019
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GF:"where'd you go last night?"
BF:"i went to the movies with some friends."
GF:"your lying to me!" (cries)
by viktor vaughn November 22, 2007
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