Potentially of British Origin (possibly Northern-English).
Meaning heavily drunk.
Less common but the same as pissed.
Let's go out and get well-oiled.
Haha look, Jack's having a piss on the fruity. Is he well-oiled or what?
I've had a rough day at work, I'ma have to get oiled up.
by Thomas Leone October 13, 2009
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well·oiled (adj)
1) as of the colloquial metaphor "a well oiled machine"
2) as an indication of sexual arousal or readiness (chiefly female)
3) as a colloquial term for intoxication
4) as in a sufficient amount of oil or oil like substance has been applied
5) the preferred state or condition of a female wrestler
1) Another for The Pack? That team is well oiled!
2) KY? You've got me well oiled already...
3) Six Long Island's later, I was well oiled.
4) Laying out at the cove? Be sure to get well oiled before you go.
5) Bronze Buns Babes are always well oiled!
by CJF8 June 26, 2008
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When a male and or female has a bad case of the runs and you stick you're fingers in their anus causing their asshole to gush diarrhea like you just struck oil
Jack - "Damn, dude. I tried to finger my girls pooper last night but i ended up striking some oil."
Todd - "gross! Sounds like you were the victim of THE OIL WELL!"
sex anal buttsex theoilwell diarrhea feces iraq cleveland steamer hot lunch
by Shitcakedasshairs May 5, 2016
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When a Saudi Prince donates money online to a western woman thus stimulating the western economy
Prince Abdar, of the Saudi royal family, donated recently 50,000 dollars to his favorite oil well in America
by Thoraxil September 7, 2020
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v. sex move: sexing a woman in the anus until you hit black gold.
I totally did the oil well last night until the room stank.
by garfffffffff May 2, 2010
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Liquid form of "Alaskan Pipeline." Without Condom.
It was recently discovered that Glen Rice gave Sarah Palin an Alaskan Oil Well.
by Alien2014 September 18, 2011
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A fake sexual position told to your noisy coworkers when how your weekend went.
"I had a great weekend, Tai did an Oklahoma Oil Well on me after we went to dinner."
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