Refers to the practice of receiving alcohol (particularly beer) after legal serving hours. Specifically a practice in Toronto, in Chinatown. Generic and common brand beer is served in a teapot, so as to avoid detection from the authorities
It's 3 am, you're drunk and want to keep drinking. Head to Spadina, wander around Chinatown, walk into New Po King and order cold tea. Molson Canadian gets served to you in a teapot.
by c. in the t. November 8, 2005
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Tea that is irrelevant or not juicy anymore.
"Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up?!"
"That's cold tea sis"
by TheDaveAk May 7, 2019
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A popular beverage drunk late at night in Chinatowns across the US and Canada; not to be confused with iced tea. Commonly the tea drunk is of unusual origins, such as St. Louis or Milwaukee, sometimes even Toronto. One peculiarity of such tea is that it often seems to be carbonated; the secret for doing this seems to be widely known, but has never been revealed.
3 AM. Miserable rainy night and the late-night diner is closed for renovations this week. Time to head over to Harrison Ave for some cold tea.
by October 14, 2006
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The use of codes is common in hospitals, so as not to alarm other patients. The expression 'cold-tea syndrome' is used by medical staff to indicate that a patient has died. It refers to several cups of undrunk, cold tea on the deceased persons bedside table.

It's good to know the supply of tea doesn't stop coming, just because you're dead. Not to discredit the NHS, but surely there are more scientific methods to determine when someone has died. How much of NHS resources are wasted making tea for the dead. What happens if you just don't drink tea and they throw you out. You'd have people buried yelling:
- Janine, go to ward 3 now, Mrs Norris has caught a bad case of cold-tea syndrome. I would go so far as to say she's never going to recover from it.
by Thomas Leone October 18, 2009
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When a set of grassy snowballs are used to tea bag an unfortunate victim
Marvin, I know you're not planning on using those grassy snowballs to cold tea bag me
by mr. gmoney December 27, 2011
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the act of laying ones testicles on cold floor tiles, in an attempt to alleviate excessive heat
"Man, it was so hot out there I had to lay those babies on the floor!"
"Yeah, cold tile tea-bagging, it's the future"
by floydandsky September 23, 2011
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A “cold tea” is a British expression that is said to say if something is positive or negative.

If something is a “hot tea” then it’s positive. However if something is negative then it is a “cold tea”
Example 1: “Oh man that party was so dead. Just one disappointing cold tea.”

Example 2: “That was a steaming tea of a dinner thanks mum.”
by Parallel-knight July 24, 2022
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