A beautiful girl who is spiritually blessed and kind to all. Enjoys company from all and will do anything to make anyone smile. Sexy and has a bright a bright future ahead.
Leone kind and sexy. Can be a bit weird but in a good way
by Gabbi5689 February 12, 2018
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A black guy with a huge cock, that can bust a pussy in 2
by LEONE ZEEKEH September 5, 2018
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A girl who is cooler than "the sickest subaru ever made"... Leone is 20 times cooler than her sister Rose. Warning can talk too much!!! A Leone is very friendly and loves music. A leone can be found hanging out with two Emili, a Rose, and a Flannery.
Person 1: Dude whos that chick thats dancing in the middle of the street?

Person 2; Dude thats Leone... Duh
by Technosunshine January 25, 2009
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The guy who got his girl stolen by Fanelli and she is currently having sweet Hot monkey love with him as we speak. Now leone is considered a wanksta
Leone: Shit I lost my girl to Fanelli
Fanelli: Holy shit this is some good Hot Monkey Love
by Fanelli April 19, 2004
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A psychological disorder that causes someone to become a pathological liar with a demented and outrageous need to be liked by everybody. The subjects desperate need to fit in will ironically lead to them being despised by everyone they come in contact with.
My life would be so much better if this kid I know didn't have Leone
by Glass Lake June 8, 2009
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A fat entitled grotesque slimeball with a receding hairline and animal abuser who believes the world revolves around him and is desperate for attention, he is one of the most idiotic creatures to walk the earth and won't amount to anything in life despite his large ego that is based on nothing as in reality all he is ghetto trash but walks around like his shit don’t stink when it does and very badly. Leon will abuse, taunt and bully as he pleases but will get butthurt if you day say anything about him. He has a douchey face that is just made for punching. Despite this false confidence he is displaying however, this is nothing more than facade and deep down he is actually very insecure and unsure of himself like all narcissists alike that is why he projects those insecurites on animals for example.
Stop being so leon today

(leon used as synonym for stupid)

I need some nurofen for leon

(leon used as synonym for headache)
by Karmen95 December 21, 2022
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Leon is the most muscular (in other dimensions ) chad, alpha male to exist.His presence alone was enough to scary Chuck Norris. Through his omni dimensional limbs ( 2 arms and 3 legs ;- ) he is able to impregnate women without them even noticing. The sheer force of his will is enough to make the mountain come to Mohammed. He is the only being who witnessed Queen Elizabeth ( The Immortal ) II creation. In fact he conceived her from one of his many omni dimensional reproductive systems. Leon the Great. Leon the Immortal. Leon the Deflowerer. These are a few of his many ancient names that Earths ancestors have called him by.
Oh look, it is the alpha Leon. I hope he deflowers me.
by JohnDonXohn June 4, 2020
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