58 definitions by The Strut

A form of masturbation popular in the deep south of the USA, parts of Australia, Yorkshire and Shaw (see gorby).
Boy, you sure look like a hog, I wonder if you squeal like one. Sooooo-weeeee. Now play mah willy banjo.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
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Cockney rhyming slang for fucked.
I was up all night getting jiggy wi' it. Today I'm absolutely dog and ducked.
by The Strut September 30, 2004
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Another name for excrament. Named so because of the time of day it is performed and the shape it makes in the bowl.
I like to start the day with a coffee, followed closely by my morning coil.
by The Strut September 29, 2004
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A rugby/boarding school game. All male participants gather round a digestive biscuit and masturbate. The loser is the one who cums last. His forfeit being to eat the said biscuit. Also known as soggy biscuit.
Posh Kid #1, "Hey, Rupert, fancy one of our spiffing games tonight?"
Posh Kid #2, "Rather Percival! How about a game of digestive biscuit?"
Posh Kid #3, "Excellent! There's no way I can possibly lose four times in a row!"
by The Strut September 29, 2004
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The act of enticing a partner (usually a girl as most men will do anyone/thing) to have sex with you when they have said no. Usually involves caressing, teasing (v. important), stroking, kissing, and general foreplay.
"So did you get anywhere with Lucinda?"

"Finally. It took a serious golden paw to do it."
by The Strut October 06, 2004
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A delivery in cricket that is so poor, the batsman scores runs off it very easily. Used a lot by Ian 'Beefy' Botham.
And it's Clegg to bowl to Butterworth*. Left arm spin, short ambling run up, and it's hit for six. Buffet ball, help yourself.

*After being told just to block, Butterworth walked off afting facing two balls, stumped for six.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
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The act of 'muscling in' on someone who is chatting to a member of the opposite sex. Generally happens at a bar. A friend of yours may be talking to an attractive person, you go up and start chatting with the two of them, shifting the whole dynamic of the conversation on to yourself. Chances are it will be your friend going home alone tonight.
Wow. That is some stunner Scott is chatting to. I must have her.

Out comes my bucket of sand. Scht scht scht scht.

Hi! Scott, who's this lovely lady?
by The Strut September 29, 2004
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