1. Shortened name for Patrick.
2. Inoffensive name for an Irishman.
3. Offensive name for an Irishman.
4. A tantrum or 'wobbler'.
1. March the 17th is St Paddy's Day.
2. I'm proud to be a Paddy.
3. You fucking bog-pig Irish Paddy.
4. My wife caught me in bed with her mum, twin sisters and pet goat. Jesus did she throw a paddy. Her bedsheets were ruined.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
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Since many early American cops were Irish, the wagon that carried them to a crime scene or hauled crooks to the jail were known as Paddy Wagons.
O'leary... summon the paddy wagon... these boys need to spend the night in the hoosecow.
by D0c February 22, 2006
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A extremley offensive name for a person of irish decent. Paddy is an equvilant to calling a black person a nigger. While Irish people were inslaved by the English they were called the Blacks of Europe and niggers turned inside out. Paddy's were not considered white they were often called green. Irish people drank away many of there problems and for these reasons are racially ridiculed by whites to this day.

I am proud to be a Paddy and no englishman can take that away from me!
You fuckin Paddys arent welcome here
To hell or Barbadoes
useless paddys smell like potatoes
Poor ass Paddys
Lets go Lynch some paddys
by True Irish April 4, 2006
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Midly offensive term for an irish person, taken from st. patrick, who wasn't actually Irish.
Who's that lying on the ground? Stop skiving Denis, you useless paddy.
by Kung-fu Jesus July 8, 2004
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the name given to people of irish orientation, regardless of sex.
'Fuck off Paddy, you smell'

'Paddy was a nice girl from ireland'
by Gamblor October 28, 2003
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very amazing and epic if you ever say anything bad about this hunk of a man remember he will kill u... no he isn’t irish (probably)
wow look at that non irish paddy who is so amazing
by ushouldlistentomecosimsmart October 15, 2020
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Victim of a crime. Victim of violence.
Hey, there he goes right there.He doesn't even see us. Smoke that paddy.
by Dylanger March 30, 2006
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