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"gaff" is an irish slang word for "house", its also used across Scotland and parts of England and Wales
dave - " come on over to my gaff, we can watch a film or something "

kevin - " ok, but dont try and touch me "
by Emperor Bubba April 19, 2005
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Someones House, where they live, used in Dublin, Ireland
"Ive got a free gaff so im having a party"
by krn May 22, 2005
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Panties designed for men to hide their bulge and tuck it underneath them like a good crossdresser should
It took Mike a few minutes to put on his gaff to begin his transformation to Michelle
by zlarg November 11, 2004
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Gaff is now commonly used with the younger generation as a slang word for 'house party'.
Someone have a decent gaff soon where we can all stay round once we're smashed.

My house ain't big enough for a gaff sorry.
by Csxx2003 August 18, 2017
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