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The arousal of a man's penis. To begin to become erect. The progression from flacid penis to semi to erect.
Yorkshireman, "God, I wish those lambs would stop frolicking about in that field. I'm thickening up."

Scouser, "I love orange girls in shellsuits. I'm thickening up."

Brighton man, "God I love it when he wears those pants with the arse cut out. I'm thickening up."

Essex Man, "Jesus, that Burberry bra and G-string really do it for me Sandra. I'm thickening up innit.

Wiganer, "Bloody hell, look at the pastry on that meat and potato pie, I'm thickening up."

Gorby, "Look. At. Mi. Sister. I'm. Tricketing. I. Mean. Thick. En. Ing. Up."
by The Strut October 11, 2004
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The act of 'muscling in' on someone who is chatting to a member of the opposite sex. Generally happens at a bar. A friend of yours may be talking to an attractive person, you go up and start chatting with the two of them, shifting the whole dynamic of the conversation on to yourself. Chances are it will be your friend going home alone tonight.
Wow. That is some stunner Scott is chatting to. I must have her.

Out comes my bucket of sand. Scht scht scht scht.

Hi! Scott, who's this lovely lady?
by The Strut September 29, 2004
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Masturbation of the male by using the females pendulous breasts to bring him to climax. Also known as 'tit wank'. For added effect soap up the breasts and get her to push them together. Baby oil also useful.
The dusky, full breasted maiden was indeed a dab hand at the old spanish wank.
by The Strut September 29, 2004
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"Morning Mish Moneypenny. Looking shuper today," said the Sweaty.

"Feel the shtag."
by The Strut September 30, 2004
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"I had a lovely chicken tarka last night."
"Don't you mean chicken tikka?"
"No, it's like chicken tikka but a little otter."
by The Strut October 11, 2004
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During sexual intercourse, the point at where a man is fully up to the hilt and his bollocks (or taters - short for 'potatos') are touching the labia.
I was with your mum last night. My god, I was taters deep and still not touching the sides. If I hadn't have strapped a plank to my arse, I would have fallen in.
by The Strut October 12, 2004
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1. To go past a defender at a game of football (soccer).
2. To beat someone in a race.
1. Rick Holden skinned three defenders and put an amazing cross in for Andy Richie to volley into the back of the net with some aplomb.
2. Ben Johnson skinned everyone when he was drugged up to eyeballs.
by The Strut October 6, 2004
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