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A portmanteau of "virginity" and "dignity," virdignity is the kind of self-respect and pride you can only lose once, and then never again. The end of an undefeated record, falling off the wagon after a long term of sobriety, sharting your pants for the first time (especially when said hard fart happens around witnesses)--these would all be extreme examples of a loss of virdignity. For the most part, one only realizes virdignity exists once it's been lost.
Oh, shit--Chaz just fell down and split his pants! There goes his virdignity at this job!

Jenny was going down on me the other day, and I totally cut one. Complete loss of virdignity, man.

Hey, I've still never gotten an STD, unlike you sluts. My virdignity is intact.
by Talmanes December 01, 2006
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Noun, singular. A racial slur for "Irish-Italian American," or Iretalian. Combines the slurs "mick," meaning someone of Irish descent, and wop, or Italian-American (wop being an acronym for "Without Papers," used to describe Italian immigrants who showed up at Ellis Island with no paper identification). The slur can be sung to the Mickey Mouse Club theme with little difficulty.
M-I-C, K-E-Y, W-O-P! Mickey Wop, Mickey Wop...

Your name is Angelo O'Malley? Man, your parents should have just named you Mickey Wop.

Tommy Mangialardi drinks like a fish, swears like a sailor, fights like a Tasmanian Devil, flirts like Casanova, and cooks like the Galloping Gourmet. He's the ultimate Mickey Wop.
by Talmanes April 16, 2007
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A phrase coined by Teresa Strasser of the Adam Carolla Show on Free FM which refers to social outings that would normally be considered dates, but where one of the two people involved seems completely oblivious to the concept of dating. This is generally characterized by a lack of interest in conversation or flirting, an aimless absence of direction or goals for the evening, and possibly an uncomfortable revelation that the event was never intended to be date. This can be blamed on the modern tendency for self-absorption and a narcissistic belief that you shouldn't have to put forth any effort to be interesting or even pleasant.
I ended up going on a vague date with Jim. We went and saw a stupid buddy comedy and ate at Starbucks, but he split when he got a phone call from a friend to play basketball.

I don't even know if the date I was on with Nancy was a date, because she kept talking to me about how great it was to be single. I think it was some weird vague date.
by Talmanes May 14, 2007
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(verb) To accidentally mangle the pronunciation of a word due to lingual clumsiness. This happens when you stumble over a word you can usually pronounce, or when you find a specific combination of sounds you simply cannot make yourself pronounce.
Person A: Hey, what are you doing Febury 15th?
Person B: Did you just say "Febury"? Man, you rubberlipped that.

For some reason, every time I try to say "procussion" I rubberlip it into "pocrussion" instead.
by Talmanes May 04, 2007
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The verb form of first base (which means French kissing or making out), "first basing" someone is kissing them passionately or making out with them. Used to great effect by Strong Sad of Homestar Runner fame when speaking to his brother Strong Bad, spied kissing a piece of paper.
Uh, Strong Bad, were you just first basing it with that piece of loose leaf?

I went to go ask my brother a question and caught him totally first basing his study buddy.

I was so drunk last week that I ended up first basing my friend's girl.
by Talmanes May 15, 2007
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A rhyming request made by people entreating someone to either share what they have or put it away. This can apply to food, a CD that people want burned copies of, or even your significant other.
Man, I'm tired of watching you chew a new stick of gum every three minutes. Hide it or divide it!

You keep going on and on about how great Pat is, so hide it or divide it, girl. Give us a chance.
by Talmanes August 01, 2007
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(v) To reference a place you've been during a conversation, whether or not it is appropriate, for the purpose of pointing out you've been there. Similar to namedropping, save that the object is to point out that you've been somewhere, not that you were with someone.
Person 1: I'm trying to lay off hard alcohol for a while.
Person 2: Oh, me, too -- ever since I was in Cabo last month, I've been watching what I drink.
Person 3: Way to placedrop Cabo in the conversation.

I like Sean, but he's constantly placedropping Chicago, like he's so cool for having gone there on vacation.

It was about halfway through the conversation that I realized I'd placedropped London six times, not even meaning to bring up my summer there.
by Talmanes June 09, 2008
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