A move used to inflict damage on an object/opponent. You pull your head back and slam it forwards using the part of the skull above the forehead to strike.
Usually you hold your opponents face square with one or two hands and bash them in the nose with your head.
For greater damage you hold their head with your leading hand, raise your leading foot while leaning away, then bring your leading foot back towards them in a stomping motion with the headbutt coming in right behind to gain the momentum of the stamp. This technique is used by wrestlers a lot.
Not to be confused with "butt head".
I can break californian redwoods with my 100 megaton headbutt.
by aww yeuh October 08, 2006
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Applying a quick and sudden pang to another by thrusting your forehead directly into that of anothers. Often used to gain the upper hand while engaging in a quarrel.
I fought some guy on the weekend and headbutted his ass into the ground.
by HersheyWC May 26, 2004
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What a Frenchman does when he's really, really angry.
Materazzi: "ur mom is a terrorist whore"
Zidane: "O RLY?"
Materazzi: "YA RLY"
Zidane: "NO WAI!!!" (headbutts Materazzi)
by vv007!!! August 07, 2006
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When two men make contact with their penis heads. This is not necessarily a gay thing, but more of a common ground of respect and admiration among male friends. It should be encouraged.
Mike and Jon finished off a wet and wild game of volleyball with a nice, smacking headbutt.
by Large Orb May 26, 2008
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The headbutt is one of the most sinister and cataclysmic subterfuges that could conceivably strike a man down to both knees. When executing this majestic and mind-blowing manuever one can only wonder...Am I next?!
Stalking his victim as a predator stalks its prey, he slowly approached his unsuspecting victim with incredible stealth. Then with a hastey, drunken lunge, he made his assault, colliding heads renendering the recipient of the headbutt, dazed, stunned, and pissed the fuck off.
by AL November 18, 2004
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