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A disorder related to hyperactivity and distraction.

I have it, and I know I'm not an expert. I'm just saying, I speak from experience when I say it's freaking hard to get one thing done all at once. You usually get distracted by something else, and then eventually come back to that first task.
This doesn't mean you can't get something done, it just means that work typically takes a lot longer because you're inclined to go look something up or do something RIGHT that second. Hell, I'm procrastinating right now making this definition when I'm supposed to be doing biology homework.

I shouldn't even have to acknowledge these people, but to everyone who thinks that all people with ADHD are stupid are seriously wrong. Most people with ADHD are gifted.
Sometimes when you go out to night parties after your meds have worn off, you act hyper without noticing it. But it's fun hyper, not annoying hyper. At least that's what my friends tell me ;)
Anyway, sometimes the next day when you're on your meds again, you just remember glimpses of the previous night because everything was a big distracting, stimulating blur.
Oh, "ADHD". my example has to include the word apparently.
by Ruthie476293475. September 13, 2009
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Something you should be looking up on Wikipedia or a medical website, not urban dictionary.
by That guy d September 03, 2016
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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: ADHD can be very misinterpreted, just because you have trouble focusing on homework and have a lot of energy doesn't necessarily mean you have ADHD, is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity. If you're sitting at your phone or your computer and you click on random shit because you don't know what to do or if you're too impatient on a screen and you click on whatever shit pops up first, this is impulsive behavior a symptom of ADHD. I think the most misunderstood shit is that people with ADHD can't be smart. Like if you've ever tested ADHD in a place that doesn't understand shit, they'll ask you how you do in school, if you say you're a fuckin good student,they'll automatically assume you don't have ADHD which is total shit.
"ADHD is the hardest shit to overcome"
by genericusername1234 June 03, 2015
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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a very real disorder that is over diagnosed. People with ADHD have difficulty sitting still, being quiet, and focusing on things at length. These sensations are difficult to explain unless you have them; it is not that the person does not want to focus, or that they are stupid. When someone with ADHD tries to focus on something, the thought often slips away, or is replaced by another thought - minutes later they will realize they have lost focus.

When a person who does not have ADHD takes ADHD medication, they get high. When a person with ADHD takes ADHD medication, they feel calm, and can focus on things for the first time in their lives.

People with behavioral issues unrelated to the disorder (acting out, seeking attention, etc.) are often incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD. People who just want the diagnosis so they can get their hands on ADHD drugs will pretend to have ADHD symptoms, as well. This is very frustrating, as it diminishes the integrity of those who actually have ADHD, and require medicine to be able to function like normal people can.

People with ADHD are often above average in intelligence. When they are given medication and can function without a mental handicap keeping them down, their whole lives can change for the better.
Damaged child: Look at me! Look at me! Give me attention!

Stupid teacher: Oh dear, he must have ADHD.

Drug abuser: Shit man, I need some Adderal.
Hey doctor, um, I'm having trouble focusing, and stuff.

Stupid doctor: Must be ADHD.

Person born with ADHD: I don't know why it's so difficult to focus in class. This is extremely frustrating, and I just want it to go away.

Intelligent doctor: Here's some Vyvanse. Take one a day, and you will be able to focus like everyone else can.
by //... February 04, 2009
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A disorder that can make you fidgety, have trouble remembering things, or just stare off into space. I have it and tbh it doesn’t completely suck
Person: i have adhd
Percy Jackson fan: omg must be a demigod
by Greekgeek001 April 12, 2019
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