To stop doing something,or using something.
Back in the days,I was so obsessed over sweets,I couldn't lay off over them.
by Toa Pohatu April 6, 2017
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"what'd u say?" x5
"'Lay off the grass bro it's driving me insane"
by oriyabara May 15, 2012
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Not quite the same as the playoff beard. The lay off beard is when you stop shaving every day because you got laid off, and there's really no point anymore, is there?
Guy 1: "Dude, did you forget to shave... for like a week?"

Guy 2: "Oh, it's my lay off beard. Go fuck your sister."
by Bri0n October 29, 2010
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Give up alcohol. It is usually said of someone who drinks too much.
You'd rather lay off the sauce, Jack, or else you'll soon count worms.
by Gunny Ad March 27, 2015
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Something that is said to somebody in jest when they make a statement that is so outrageous, it would seem that their mind has been affected by the use of the psychedelic drug.
Rob: i was listening to some slayer earlier \m/

Vince: yeah they're just alright. You know, they're okay.

Rob: You need to lay off the shrooms bro, you're trippin'. Slayer is fucking awesome!
by BigG845 October 1, 2017
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A phrase that people use when their linked to the Mandela Effect
“So I think whoever is apart of this whole mandela stuff is usng this to make it look like were not stuck in a different universe”

Bob(works for government): Heyy lay off the bong bruh. The Mandela affect is stupid
by TashiTash November 23, 2019
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