The state of anticipating or expecting sexual intercourse from a social encounter, be it a date, a party, or a booty call. It describes a period of optimistic waiting that is just shy of a sure thing.
A: Girl, you gonna give him some?
B: I don't know, but he's sexpecting.

On the ride home from that date, the sexpectation was killing me!

Just because you sexpect something doesn't mean you're getting it.
by Talmanes November 15, 2005
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The expectation or assumption of sex. I commonly use this term when meeting online dates for the first time. "I am not a hooker, so no sexpectations please." Original word coined by Luna C, the mistress of all she surveys. ;)
We are meeting for coffee and to make sure you aren't yet another psycho online stalker,so no sexpectations,okay?
by Luna C March 29, 2007
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To expect the act of sex. Can be used whenever you expect it. Can be used as sexpect, sexpecting, or sexpected.
1. Chad went out the door with high sexpectations for his 3rd date.

2. As the door opened Christian swiveled around in his black leather chair and said while stroking a white persian cat. "I've been sexpecting you."
by Darthcheezeburger July 22, 2015
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The expectations you have towards a certain persons sexual ability. If you believe someone would be amazing in bed, you have "great sexpectations" of them.
Ryan: How was last night with Natasha? ;)
Kyle: It was great. I would definitely hook up with her again, she really lived up to my sexpectations.
by ilovemeninkilts December 02, 2011
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hopeful anticipation for future, imminent sex.
most frequently preceding a couple's third official date where they have not yet sealed the deal.
>(see three date rule)
Suzette had great sexpectations regarding her weekend getaway with Chip. He was a fabulous kisser and she was ready for a fun ride on the old joy stick
by sf chica June 28, 2005
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The act of expecting sex on a first date or sometime early in a relationship or date
Diane was telling me about her blind date last night. He was sexpecting something great from her but he was ugly as shit so she didn't give him any.
by Janice Feet May 13, 2006
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