6 definitions by Superstar McAwesomesauce

Someone who is overweight, balding, likely Jewish, single, no children and thinks he is funny when he is not.
Michael's life is terrible right now, he is a proper Kelldog
by Superstar McAwesomesauce November 29, 2016
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When you're talking and you start saying things wrong and instead of embarrassing yourself you just start talking bollocks to cover your tracks.
Oh my god I was chatting up that blonde at the bar and my play fucked up, I had to Strumanumnum my way through it.
by Superstar McAwesomesauce December 17, 2016
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A woman who is a selfie addict, like Kim Kardashian and is always changing their appearance and/or wearing too much makeup. HOWEVER, she is very racist and uses racist slang words to describe ethnic minorities.
Sarah hates Asians, she's a real Kim K K
by Superstar McAwesomesauce November 25, 2016
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Meaning White N word. Not meant for racism, Wigga basically means mate, bud, friend, pal etc.
It is an understanding between white males. African/American people say the N word. We have our own word.
"Whattup Wigga?"
by Superstar McAwesomesauce November 25, 2016
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Someone who is usually very unclean. Waxy ears, messy unclean hair, bad breath, spotty. Also a strange personality, serious at one moment and happy the next.
Alan just went through a break up, he was a real Wedgwood today.
by Superstar McAwesomesauce November 25, 2016
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