Weh, lookit her face, she's so spotty!
by nomi April 17, 2004
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any chill smoking spot usually used for smoking marijuanna
Drew: yo bro i got the weed lets dip
Rio: dippin to school spotty?
Drew: ooooh yeah!
by RioFuckingCervini December 18, 2007
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Name for US paper currency because of the round "spots" that circle the numbers and dead presidents. Also plays off of the term spot for a quick loan between friends.
I'm broke, got any spottys?
by hwinked January 19, 2004
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Spends Most Of His Time On Mars With That Special Girl, A Sweetheart, Very Forgiving, Doesn't Chase After Females, Never Gives Up On Love, Is Good At Giving Advice, A Bit Of A Ladies Man, Has A Dougie That Makes Her Wet, May Steal Your Girl So Be Careful, Lives Life Without Negativity, Loves Girls Who Know what They Want, Its One To Play Games, Is A Very friendly Person, Not Afraid To Tell A Girl She Can Get It, Known To Be Good In Bed, The Spotlight Tends To be On Him, Loves All Races Of Women Doesn't Discriminate But Is Fond Of Hispanic Girls, Is Known To Have Girls On His Dick, Doesn't Dwell On The Past, Very Poetic, Very Talented.
Man That Spotty Known How To Lay A Girl Down.
by Spotty On Mars October 11, 2011
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a person thats face is covered in spots or acne...
hey spotty dotty howa you?
by MrJaffaRusty February 23, 2017
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1. Exc. Spotty Dog!
2. adj. Spotty Dog

Descriptive of that which is excellent. A synonym for Good, Super, Wicked, Fantastic, Brilliant and so on.

Predominately used in the North East of England.
1. a. I just won £100! b. Spotty Dog!

2. a. How was last night? b. Oh, it was Spotty Dog alright.
by lagerlout June 27, 2005
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When one glimpses at the friend activity tab on Spotify and attempts to elicit a response from their friends because of their listening choices. Usually an attempt at scrutinizing people with bad taste. An act performed by individuals with no respect for privacy.
Anders: Jesus fuck why is Amit listening to Catchy Song by Dillon Francis again.
Amit: It's a good song. And stop spotty peeking it's so rude.
by Demiose May 21, 2019
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