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Strabane Football Club was founded in 1961.
They played their first match in the Irish Football Association's Senior Cup in October 2003
I am going to watch sfc play this afternoon
by Stias August 31, 2005

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upset is an acronym for ultra pigheadedness starting every time
I know when I upset someone. I wonder if the fact that my time from submission date to publication date has gone up from no weeks to one week in Urban Dictionary means I have upset someone or are the editors becoming busier.
by Stias October 10, 2005

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take rapid action cavan killers searching
The IRA is divided into cells. There are so many cells per county. Cavan, being on the Irish border, means that members of the IRA in that county can travel to Enniskillen for a night's drinking. One night, a member of the Fermanagh cell saw the men from Cavan and gave them a one word message " tracks ". This grim message meant that the British army and police were stopping all traffic and searching houses in the immediate locality.
by Stias September 08, 2005

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Honest is an acronym for hopelessly obtuse nonsensical everyday sucker truly
The wealthy little old lady, a widow for the eighth time, handed an ad. over the desk at the office of her local newspaper. " Put that in the Personal Contact Me section please " she said to the girl behind the desk " I feel a bit low. The right man might be able to give me a bit of a top up " The ad read " Widow, reliable independent person, with down to earth outlook, seeks honest man who likes simple home cooking. Reply early. Don't be late this may be your Shangri-la "
by Stias October 10, 2005

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Anal sex must feel like a good hard piece of shite intruding instead of extruding
Some women have anal sex with local tradesmen so that their weekly accounts may be reduced
by Stias August 27, 2005

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Let's have some fucking honesty here lads. Do not knock everything as that type of attitude helps no fucking body. I realise that knock means something you fuck but thickos stick to women if you wish to fuck. Stop knocking an already rocky community spirit. Northern Ireland, indeed all Ireland, needs PEACE and if you are not capable of holding out the hand of brotherhood and friendship get off the fucking island be it North or South I do not give a fuck. Get it .

Now the definition of Dr. Ian Paisley -
Ian Richard Kyle Paisley was born on 6th April 1926.
Today Dr. Ian Paisley, MP, MLA is the leader of the Free Presbyterian Church and head of the Democratic Unionist Party. He has been the Member of Parliament
for the North Antrim constituency since 1970 and many members of the Roman Catholiccommunity vote for him
as he is an active politician with the interests of all his constituents at heart.
Dr. Ian Paisley is a forceful orator
by Stias September 12, 2005

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