Hit UK TV show, that flopped when remade stateside. Proof that humour is on the whole non-exportable.
"The plot of Lesbian spank inferno?
Well, there is these five lesbian film makers who decide to hold a competion to see who can make the best.. er art film. So they show each other the films and the loser gets err... spanked."

"They all get spanked in that one don't they"

"Err thats right they decide that to spank just one is discrimatory, so they decide they... all... need a.... spanking..."

"You've been watching porn again haven't you?"

"Oh god yes I am so sorry!!!!"
(Series 2 episode 3)
by Black Flag May 29, 2004
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verb. the act of a single person hanging out with a couple or group of couples, instead of hanging out with his/her single friends
Person 1: Where has Amy been all month? I haven't seen her out on the weekends.
Person 2: Oh she's been coupling with Brenda, Kim, and their boyfriends these past few weeks.

Everyone was pissed at Hector when he decided to go out coupling instead of visit the strip club with his boys.
by hardcore_2031 July 5, 2005
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The homosexual act of two uncircumcised men sliding their foreskins over each others.
Coupling,kind of like sliding your sweater sleves over one another.
by truepigdog April 8, 2007
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after i saw that hottie at the bar, and my dick went like really high,my friends said we were gonna be coupling
by sexpot January 26, 2003
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A couple is a pair of two people as boyfriend and girlfriend, boyfriend and boyfriend, girlfriend and girlfriend. A couple loves each other deeply and tell each other everything. Good couples don't lie to each other and tell each other how they feel, but bad couples can keep secrets from each other. A couple doesn't have any standard rules, it's just what works best for the two.
OMG!!! Amelia and Evan are such a cute couple together.

WOW! Gavin and Amelia are such a bad couple, their relationship is really toxic.
by TheTruthfulDefentions October 3, 2020
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That couple refers to the couple that you turn into when you act all cutsie around each other and make other people (single people) want to vomit and skewer themselves on a flaming hot poker.
"Oh my gosh, Ronnie and Ravon have totally turned into 'That Couple'. They are Ravonnie now!"
by Rink September 25, 2006
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An it couple are a super cool couple who are generally hot. People want to be this couple as they are amazing to look at.
Jack the super cool, gorgeous quater back of the football team is going out with Jenna the lead chearleader. There the new it couple!
by Katriana! November 6, 2007
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