When a gay guy gets married and has a wife to cover up, the wife is the beard.
Oh that’s not my wife, that’s my beard
by Kk1821 February 14, 2018
Giving oneself a facial whilst masturbating
Ed: Let's go John, we need to get to the game.
John: Hold up. I was jerking off and got oyster in my beard. Gotta clean up.
by Genitalien August 29, 2020
When a man with a full beard eats a women out and her discharge covers his beard creating a frosted look.
I’d let her frost my beard.
by JPPdaddy January 8, 2022
Crude way for a female to express her desire to go for a piss!
by SWesty March 24, 2004
When a guy says this he means let me eat your pussy
Example : “Yo ma you should help me grow my beard you know?” “Aight bet pull up then baby”
by August 29, 2021
Similar in meaning to chinny reckon. Used to express disbelief, always with an exaggerated motion of one hand on the chin, as though shaving/stroking an imaginary beard. It means that whatever the first speaker has said is so fanciful or impossible that another impossible thing must be true.
Person A: My grandfather was King Henry VIII.
Person B: Really? And I'm shaving my green beard.
by Bobbity Bob Bobbert August 18, 2011
Laughing a lot. A lotta lot. And I mean a lot. An extreme version of "LOL"
Friend says something funny.

Other friend laughs at joke. "giggling my chuckling beard off/GMCBO!!!"
by leighzil August 3, 2009