Staffed is literally translated as confused. However, its popularity as a word has recently declined. Immediately after creation by the G.O.A.T, it was a very popular word. Everyone was staffed. But times have changed. The word staffed is now almost exclusively used in the Staffordshire region. The young ones prediction wasn't correct- "its not gonna be as big as o my, but its definetly gonna be big." No halz.
O dear halz we are staffed!
by please calm October 16, 2006
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Stands for: shawty thick as fuck.

Used to describe a female that is very thick, busty, or attractive.
Person A: "Did you see that girl over there?"

Person B: "Yeah staf"
by Stafhunter123 December 25, 2015
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Staffing is another word for jerk off, or masturbation. This term was created by JROTC cadets at a summer camp in 2009. Staffing can also be used as Staff or Staffed, or staff off. We hope this term will be really well known in the future.
Last night I was staffing to some hardcore porn.
by RegSquad November 7, 2011
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refers to big people, or refers to being lazy. not a bad thing.
when you see your friend just sitting on the couch watching tv and eating, u call him staf. i.e. You are staf man.
by gin November 13, 2003
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Who is the greatest virgin of all time?
Staf is the GVOAT
by Youcancallmemistah November 24, 2021
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In Terminator Salvation, If the only joy the humans can get is fucking, why not take the STAF?
by pw21 June 28, 2009
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depends on context of sentence, ie it is a reaction.
Kate: My dog died
Tarnia: (sadly) Oh stafs

Simone: I got laid last nite
Tarnia: (excitedly) STAFS!
by john smith March 25, 2005
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