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A dashing, quick witted evil genius. Articulate, devious and charming, this is a guy to watch out for. Cavans are clever and mischievous, and will go to extremes to get their own way. Cavans are very competitive by nature, and do not accept failure. One should never oppose a Cavan in an argument, unless they are prepared for a real battle.
He was a real Cavan in the courtroom- jurors and judges alike were unable to withstand his powers of argument and persuasion.
by Mimsey April 14, 2010
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A person born/living in the Co. Cavan, the best fucken county in Ireland
Full of beautiful, sound, warm hearted and generous people and considered to be the best dame beer drinkers out of all Ireland! Cavan people are envied by all surrounding counties; also Cavan males have huge manhood’s which is envied by surrounding counties (like those wankers in Roscommon who have tiny peepers!)
Hello Im from 'cavan', fuck off you scumbag of an inferior county!
by Mr M March 21, 2005
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Gaelic, a hollowness like the hollow stump of a tree, shelter or shield, also traditional Northern Ireland county with a population of 6400 people. Due to the wet soils it was difficult to invade during the 11th century, again shelter for those who lived there against enemies.

Also is the original spelling for the American Irish Cavin's.
-Lets get to Cavan county tonight and have a pint.

-"Cavin how's ya motha?"
by pissn excelence February 02, 2010
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A squalid little collection of tenement blocks and storage facilities for working class people. Known for the distinctive meaness of its inhabitants. Visitors to cavan are advised that residents wouldnt piss on you if you were on fire for fear of having to spend time resupllying their body water.
Any member of a cavan gaa team
by John james Smith January 11, 2008
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