55 definition by Stias

a contradictory word - always willing and yearning, indicating do not
go away off somewhere, but stay as there is always way. Away off is contradictory too.
My girl friend said away off with you. Come to bed.
Later, in bed together, she said you appear to be away in your thoughts.
by Stias September 08, 2005

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An abbreviation for " Sorry about that sir "
I contacted a local business and asked a question.
The person who answered the phone apologised and said " Wouldn't have a clue, sats "
by Stias September 09, 2005

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Much more was available for a very small sum of money in the late 17th century, through the 18th century and into the early 19th century. Halfpenny was a phrase used by many women who accosted men including the Regency Bucks of the 19th century in the street. The men knew the women actually required a penny for their services when they heard the expression halfpenny
by Stias October 08, 2005

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Fragrant and repulsive tang
The fart smelt as though it would be in the room for ever so I sprayed it with air freshener
by Stias September 12, 2005

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A posh bird's peculiar way of laughing - Ha ruddy ha !
At the end of a very funny joke the posh bird laughed in her peculiar way hrh.
by Stias August 12, 2005

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This refers to an easy woman - takes cock man
An acquaintance of mine was pointing out some of the women walking
in the town square the other day. He made the following statement
about a real beautiful one - " See her, she's great, tcm "
by Stias September 08, 2005

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This is used in text messaging and means home to pub. It is particularly useful if your friends know the name of your local and the name of that pub begins with a P
I received a text message from my friend ?rugo2nite I replied H > P
by Stias August 29, 2005

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