192 definition by Steven

Insane firewall that our school uses. The logo is of course a dog, "Bess", and believe me you do not want to get her angry!
Steven: Dude! Check out this website!
Mike: Bess got me!
Steven: Ha! You can't fool Bess!
Mike: Hax hax hax!
by Steven March 25, 2005

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To give or experience an orgasm quickly, powerfully, or even effectively. May be used by someone who is quite horny and just wants to get off. May also be used by someone who is tired of uneventful sex.
Woman: "Man, I just wanna break off some."
Man: "Aight!"
by Steven April 28, 2004

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This is the name of the best camp is the world.
I went to Winaukee for 9 years.
by steven February 02, 2005

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A hot latina from Argentia who has a great body and a tremodous ass and who hosts The Daily Download on the FUSE Network Monday-Friday at 6 p.m. live from New York City.
1. Damn. Marianela has a great ass. I'd love to tap that ass.
2. Who cares about the music? The only reason I watch Daily Download is to see Marianela and her sweet ass.
3. Damn is Marianela hot!
by Steven August 06, 2004

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(Armlessicus dumpfaceicus) A Homestar Runner is a wild creature... With a pale face... and... apparent rivalry with an animal known as... the Strong Bad. His distinctive red coat with a star shape on it identifies this creature in the wild. On sight of a Marzipan they perform the mating dance, where the Homestar drinks 179 glasses of melonade and urinates on the Marzipan's gazebo. This creature can be identified by white skin and apparent telekinetic powers. it is known for a strange accent in its speech, such as changing hello to hewwo. this creature is quite stupid, yet very funny. It can also be dangerous. Beware its alter ego the Homsar
Homestar: Hey pom-pom, did you know that lady? How come she gave you a hundwed bucks? Aww I got was a dumb ow' Bit-O-Honey.
time passes....
Homestar: Aw wight, I'll wing the doowbell. Ding ding ding ding diiiing! The Poopsmith, twick ow tweat!
The poopsmith turns around with a shovel of crap.
Pom-pom: blublle-blub
Homestar: Suit youwsewf. Mowe fow me.
by Steven March 02, 2004

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Basically just a term for insulting, means the person you are insulting is retarded or just slow.
"Look, here comes the crayon crew!"
by Steven February 28, 2005

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...a person who likes cock SO much (male or female) that they jam it their mouth every chance they get
"That Jenny is one wild bitch! She always wants to suck my dick. She's a real cock gargler. I think I'll marry her."
by Steven February 26, 2005

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