Shortened form of "decent".
Joe: How did you like that movie?
John: It was dece
by Aero May 10, 2004
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Short for the word "decent" but with a more positive connotation.
Anna's burritos are dece
by "those kids" April 14, 2006
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The word "decent" abbreviated, for those of us who do not have the time to waste finishing the word as a whole.
C. Wen.: Yo how was that blunt I rolled?
Joe: It was dece.
by Josephine Sioufi November 13, 2007
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(deese) Short for "decent". Used to describe the attractiveness of a subject.
Kid: Wow, those shoes are dece.

Kid 2: Yes, they are decent.
by FitzyBoy September 28, 2010
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The proper form for saying one likes an object or individual. The "E" sound is extended to convey more like of the object or individual. Also, an "ah" sound can be added before the word to show great emphasis and character.
1: Man 1: Did you see that female that just walked by?
Man 2: dece
Man 1: very dece

2: Swans A: What kind of beer is that?
Swans B: Ah, a PBR.
Swans A: Ah, dece.
by All up in my nasal July 20, 2006
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A shortened for of the word decent or decently, but not necessarily with the same connotation. Can serve as a adjective (dece hot) or adverb (his shooting was dece), and can describe and/or modify both good and bad things. Often used in conjuction with the words "real" and "prime".
A) #1:What did you think of that concert last night?
#2:It was dece
B) #1:WOW, that girl is smokin'!
#2: Yeah, she's real dece.
C) #1:You guys lost pretty bad in that game last night.
#2:Yeah, we got dece raped.
D) #1:I want to ask her out, her bod is real dece prime.
E) #1:I dece want to go to that party tonight
by emgee September 30, 2006
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Shorter, modern definition of the word "decent"
Look at that hen over there, she looks like she has a dece turdcutter.
by thadocta July 22, 2008
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