One cool pink-haired dude who died in 1998.
"I miss hide, he was so awesome"
"Yeah me too. I think I'll dye my hair pink"
by neko June 14, 2003
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Equilly popular with former drummer Yoshiki, this former guitarist saddened all of Japan. He was rich & had a new album he was working on, hardly depressing. He came home drunk one night & hung himself with a towel. Many believe he was murdered but it couln't possibly have been an "accident" A large museum was deticated to him after death.
Ironically, Hizumi from early Madeth Gray'll died on the same day. Also, a friend of Hide's from early Das:Vasser died in a car crash on the way to his funeral.
by Allaiyah February 29, 2004
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Son, I wouldnt touch that Hide with a 20 foot golden dick.
by Rick Delicious February 9, 2007
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He eats everything you give to him. Jewelry, Coins, Tissues, Paper. Children.
You know that man who got arrested? He was such a Hide.
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pink haired god of rock. lowercase h, bitches. drink or die.
"On geetah-- hide!" "Oh my fucking hide!"
by pinkusupaida December 28, 2005
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hide was a brilliant musician, full of talent, who shocked all of the world with his tragic suicide on May the second, 1998, at 8:30 PM. He came home drunk and had hung himself on his bathroom door with a towel. He's known for working with X Japan and Spread Beaver, and always had flaming pink hair which earned him the nickname "Pink Spider", which was the name of one of his most well-known songs. It's a rumour that this song was a suicide note in disquise. His name is always in lower case letters
1: I dearly miss hide.
2: Long live the Pink Spider!
by riri-chan October 16, 2005
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