Weekends say it all …

Best to hide as usual …

All I can say is ..

you know I read most of you..

You know where I am..

I will give up hope eventually..

Hide is the only option .. maybe it explains my errr discomfort
Hide .. from oneself ..
by LetsTalkAboutX November 29, 2022
One cool pink-haired dude who died in 1998.
"I miss hide, he was so awesome"
"Yeah me too. I think I'll dye my hair pink"
by neko June 14, 2003
Equilly popular with former drummer Yoshiki, this former guitarist saddened all of Japan. He was rich & had a new album he was working on, hardly depressing. He came home drunk one night & hung himself with a towel. Many believe he was murdered but it couln't possibly have been an "accident" A large museum was deticated to him after death.
Ironically, Hizumi from early Madeth Gray'll died on the same day. Also, a friend of Hide's from early Das:Vasser died in a car crash on the way to his funeral.
by Allaiyah February 29, 2004
Son, I wouldnt touch that Hide with a 20 foot golden dick.
by Rick Delicious February 9, 2007
He eats everything you give to him. Jewelry, Coins, Tissues, Paper. Children.
You know that man who got arrested? He was such a Hide.
pink haired god of rock. lowercase h, bitches. drink or die.
"On geetah-- hide!" "Oh my fucking hide!"
by pinkusupaida December 28, 2005