shifted, the common urban word meaning, arrested or captured by the law (boy-dem) (50) (pigs) (the fuzz).
Oi blud man heard how my bredrin ate some youth and straight after he got shifted
by lawrence insula July 31, 2006
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When you're not completely 'TRIGGGGERED', but you are still minimally affected in the 'triggered' kind of way.
"dude that meme got me shifted"
"that statement just made me feel a little shifted"
"Dear White People got me shifted dude"
by shiftedgecko June 22, 2017
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Turnt up and swagged out but with a hidden agenda. Someone who is going about his business slyly but doing it big.
Shontrelle: Damn, dat foo lookin straight shifted with his J's and ray bans.
Addison: I know cuz, he plannin somethin today
by swagur May 27, 2011
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