to alter you mind; to get high, drunk, etc...
i dont remember anything this weekend i was so shifted!
by zach26k February 12, 2008
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When you're not completely 'TRIGGGGERED', but you are still minimally affected in the 'triggered' kind of way.
"dude that meme got me shifted"
"that statement just made me feel a little shifted"
"Dear White People got me shifted dude"
by shiftedgecko June 22, 2017
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Going to another Parallel reality.
"I wanna go to Hogwarts for real"
"Try Shifting"
by mrmalfoyswifey September 28, 2020
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what irish people call snogging or making out

a fridget has never had the shift
i got the shift last night

he got shifted at school

she has never had the shift

by ginger gurl February 26, 2013
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the act of transporting oneself to a different reality. Popularized from tiktok and Amino.
“I tried shifting to hogwarts last night but i fell asleep
by user63836826 September 29, 2020
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Used to describe a french kiss in Ireland
Did ya shift him/her last night? Meaning did you kiss him / her(tongue action involved!)
You shifted the face of him/her last night (You were kissing him/ her passionately last night!)
by silverstar May 14, 2013
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usully asked by crack heads wondering if you sell crack
hey man are you on shift?
by Shock Docta April 18, 2006
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