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A zealot who is very far-out. (Pronounced ZELL-out.)
To many people, Jerry Falwell was a zealout.
by Steve Hoglund June 17, 2007

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Like parkour, abuilding takes place in an urban setting on man-made objects, especially buildings. Usually done only by crazy rock climbers who wear sneakers. The point is to spot a very climbable looking surface and attempt to scale it using no climbing equipment.
"Well, I was walking around town, and the church looked
inviting, so I went abuilding and soon I was clinging to the steeple!"
by Steve Hoglund June 20, 2007

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The movement of two people walking towards one another, usually on an urban sidewalk, trying to avoid contact
without success.
Bob saw Paul walking towards him. As Bob kept walking,
and Tom kept walking, they each counterditherstepped.
by Steve Hoglund May 28, 2007

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Death by careless, frenzied or cut-throat commercial activity.
The village of Riverside fell on hard times after a
Walmart opened nearby. Small shops laid off employees
and some stores went out of business. "We were helpless
to halt the commercide," said mayor Al Kravolek.
by Steve Hoglund June 22, 2007

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On a golf course, a shouted warning of a ball in motion (true or not) that has an ulterior motive, such as stealing nearby golf equipment.
"Fore!" yelled golfer Wiley at the players ahead of him on the 18th fairway. But after he hit his ball, he sped off in the other direction, hoping his foreploy would divert attention from the set of golf clubs he had just stolen.
by Steve Hoglund June 23, 2007

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A male friend who "lends a hand" if you're horny after your girlfriend breaks up with you.
Dave sure needed a breakup buddy after Laura left, and Jack
had him come over many times for comfort.
by Steve Hoglund July 02, 2007

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Nunc boogerus dentorum = It's time to chew a booger.
Hey, Lou, I'm bored. NBD?
by Steve Hoglund July 02, 2007

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