1. One who is overly religous, usually to an extreme.

2. An epic StarCraft unit that uses psionic blades and psi shields
The religous zealots burned down the old strip bar.

The zealots ripped ripped down the old barracks.
by Zomby_Woof January 30, 2005
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One who is religiously devoted to an ideal, cause, object, person, or culture. Typically to an extreme.
Zealots are also found in the modern day world. For instance, there are nerds, Linux users, anime fanatics, Vegetarians, teenyboppers, Republicans, Democrats, and Amway salesmen.
by AYB April 6, 2003
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A protoss infantry unit who uses ki blades or phyonic blades that can slice through anything.
by Fusion October 2, 2003
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The simplist protoss infantry unit that uses its psionic blades to do 16 damage. Costing 100 minerals it is the most expensive basic unit of the three races.
"En taro Adun! There is no time to waste! We must join our bretheren in battle!" screamed the zealots to zeratul as they charged the mass of hydralisks and zerglings.
by zach June 15, 2006
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one who is overly eager to do something
person 1: when we burnin down the school!
person 2: Chill zealot. the boss aint here yet. you know the rules
by Devan Benoit May 12, 2006
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Zealotism represents a state of mind in which one is so embedded into their religious beliefs that they can no longer see the difference between common beliefs and ones that are simply fictitious. The ability to recognise fictitious beliefs disappears when one accepts, without question, that all their beliefs are held to be totally true in their mind model of their surrounding world.

There are several conditions that indicate the state of zealotism:
1. Representing your views as though they are the views of all others who follow the top category of your faith

2. Scaring or threatening people, whether deliberately or through the ideals of trying to help them

3. Attempting to help others when:
a. You know that they know where to find help already
b. They have rejected a previous offer for help
c. They have made it clear that they do not want to hear your offer of help

The state of zealotism results in one not being able to use coherent logic due to being completely inflexible with any beliefs that they might hold. As a consequence, one may incorrectly compare analogies which would be seen as circumstantial in relation to each other. The only over riding factors in zealotism are common interests, for example helping to save someone's life, and the law, which is said to be held true by all people under its jurisdiction.
An example that is zealotism:
"If you repent now you will not go to hell"

An example that is not zealotism:
"I am sure you can find a source of strength in God"
by Paul_2007 January 15, 2007
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Someone who is uncompromising and stuck in their ways. Often used in a religious context, zealots are unable to see any other point of view, they are old fashioned and could be described as conservative and perhaps fundamentalist. A Zealot has a real passion or zeal for their beliefs.The word comes from a movement of Jewish uprising against the Romans. Zealots would also often turn upon other Jews for not supporting their militant views and would consider other Jewish sects as weaker and less devout. The word is now used across religions and has a negative implication.
The Zealots in America will ensure Obama doesn't make office

by Thebro February 9, 2008
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