to get fired or canned, because the company cannot afford a certain amount of employees.
Nancy Huff: Now as you all know our oldest son brennan will be living with us after he got let go from his job at petsmart
Brennan Huff: I wasnt fired, i was laid off, but you wouldnt know the difference
by talzaiet January 21, 2009
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To be fired

Note: Usually not due to self fault (i.e financial instability of the company or reorganization of management levels)

See Fired
I was laid-off from my job because the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.
by strykerphoenix October 3, 2006
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To be fired from a dumb ass job that you know you did not want
What happen to your job

O yeah man I got laid off
by Jolt221 August 15, 2019
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When a man and a woman almost have sex, but the woman rejects the man when she see's the size of his penis.
No way! He got Laid Off?
by maninacoma July 12, 2011
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Getting "Laid Off" is similar to getting Laid,

only with neither the lubrication or the enjoyment, and penetration occurs in other than the preferred orifice. Also known as occupational sodomy.
"In part due to the occupational sodomy scheduled the following week to be inflicted upon the backbone of the company (otherwise known as the workforce); Dick and Jane threw caution to the wind and performed rectal fornication on the center of the President's Desk, thereby getting laid immediately prior to getting 'laid off', moreover; achieving the added bonus of spewing onto the company's errant balance sheet a copious amount of chocolatey chocolate chip cocksnot out of the shitty end of the fuckstick of Dick".
by jon_public November 10, 2009
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