Riverside, CA (Reeferside) is located in Southern California. Located an hour and a half from beaches, desert, and mountains. It is home to different races, stereotypes and incomes.

Riverside contains many art galleries. Known artists from Riverside are Jeff Soto and Lola. It is also home to the Mission Inn Hotel, which hosts the annual Festival of Lights, a popular holiday attraction.

The Riverside Police dept is notorious for the death of Tyisha Miller, who was asleep in her car when police fired 24 shots at her. The RPD also suffered embarrasment for the former Chief of Police, Russ Leach.

Riverside is a large city, with tons of palm trees and high temperatures. For a good time you have to go downtown. It is the only place you can barhop, or have anything to do at night. Otherwise, a trip to LA or the OC is needed.
Riverside's not that bad, but I'd rather live in Huntington Beach.
by AMRocks January 14, 2011
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Its what Tupac's character says in Juice (1992) when he caps another hoodie under a bridge. Side note: one of Tupac's best performances, on screen or off. Wayne Brady totally copied him on the Chappelle Show.
Tupac: "Riverside, motherfucker"
by FREEKATIE July 12, 2005
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Riverside, CA is a city in SoCal, south of LA and north of San Diego. It's near beaches, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, and much more.

Riverside, despite all that is sad abt it, isn't a bad place. Sure it use to have a lot of gangs / poverty back in the day but now it is a safe place and an amazing place to raise a family. The only bad part in riverside in my opinion is downtown and the Indiana area (by the railroad). The nicest area in my area is Overlook where houses sell for millions. The best place to raise a middle class family in riverside is woodcrest. Woodcrest is a pretty new area and is a safe place. Honestly every city has their good and bad characteristics and riverside just gets put down because of how bad some parts of it can be. But all together this city is an amazing place filled w rich history, tons of diversity, and good people who are kind and fun! The people you meet here always stay in touch w you even years after you move away and honestly people only move away from here because of work / family otherwise many people who were born here stay

Riverside gets it's name from being next to the Santa Ana river. Riverside always has weather ranging from 90-117 degrees as the high during the summer and 40-70 degrees as the high during the winter.

Riverside is home to many well known places and people such as Bobby Bonds, Jeff Soto, the Mission inn, Mt. Roubidox, and the California historic park.
P1: I was born and raised in riverside and I love it so much that I'm never moving!

P2: wow no wonder you're so nice you're from Riverside!!!!
by Riversidelova June 21, 2017
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Riverside, a west suburb of Chicago. It is inhabitid be nothing other than rich white familys. the local Highschool is a seedy place where the Superintendent can be cought having an affair on schoolproporty (his desk, to be exact) and remain in office with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Maybe thats where the teenage girls of riverside learn there lessions, because they learned them well. you cant go a weekend without running into Sluts, wannabe sluts, or the worst/youngest, the JH soon to be sluts. The streets look as if they were designed by a drunken man given a piece of paper and told to draw the wind. This town is a Labyrinth of circling and twisting streets that love to cross themselves more than once. Do Not Move Here. or visit.
"Hey look, its syphilis incarnate! Wait, no, thats the Riverside-Brookfield student body president"
by Traped in a shithole. June 18, 2009
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Home of the hoodie. Just walk around this town by the river and you'll be sure to see a large group of hoodie wearing girls walking home from the local RB high school. These girls are known to be slutty and do anything with a guy just so he calls her the next day after their night together. A usual response to something like this is "that/she is so Riverside"
from a former riverhoodlam "FEAR THE HOODIE!"
by anonymous April 26, 2005
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Riverside a 1/4 square mile town with 13 churches and 22 liquor licenses. Its commonly reffered to as Reeferside its a town where all the girls are smuts Weed is smoked more than Ciggarettes and believe me people are looked down upon if they arent smoking by the age of 10 oh yeah and look out for the baby thugs.
YO come down to riverside and well all get wasted. Riverside Is in Burlington County Newjersey Bout 10 miles north of Camden
by Timothy J Kenney January 30, 2005
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