A person who has unlimited emails. He has too much time on his hands. He doesn't like his own identity so he has to make everyone's lives miserable.
Wiley: Who should I pick on today?
by Saints66 August 5, 2023
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A great guy, every girl loves. He is sweet, smart, athletic, cute, caring, funny, and more than perfect.Every guy wants to be a Wiley.
by Hailey13lisak February 18, 2015
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literally the best person you’ll ever meet. super duper smart, athletic, and sweet. everyone wants to be his friend. girls will literally cry over him. even though he is a dummy he will make you smile for hours. literally perfect.
by dumdumdumdumddumdum January 3, 2021
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A real character. A bit of a wild card! Someone who is eccentric but has a heart of gold. Sly when they need to be. Often a papa looking out for his bois
"Damn Papa, you sure showed them! Lucky you're so wiley!"
by Dr. M. Toboggan September 17, 2020
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word to describe sexy
by ihadnootherchoice January 28, 2009
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