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eating a girl out in her period
he got his redwings yesterday there was blood all over his mouth
by stacey September 01, 2003

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the most intense sport ever and is much harder than any sport like ballet
if rowing were easy, it would be called ballet
by stacey December 02, 2004

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Similar to Gay Marriage, but I wanted mine to be seen first.

1. A process of two homosexuals marrying each other.

2. Something that's really no one's business

3. to all those who say "Marriage is to create children", umm...not every couple has children, and what, should a sterile man or barren woman not be allowed to marry?
I could care less about same sex marriage,as long as they're happy.
by Stacey March 02, 2004

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This is an all boys school, with rich kids who are nasty at all sports. Out of all the prep schools, this one will most likely fuck all oters up. Girls come from long and far to taste the TP paste.
Best school around this shits on all others
by stacey April 16, 2005

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The Most Adorable lil Lady she is Eminem's 9 yr/old baby gurl and she is his world she was born on xmas day and lives with her dad and cousin Lainie she's absolutely gorgeous just like her dad there meant for each other
Marshall and Hai 4 lyf
by Stacey January 01, 2005

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a song that was good the first 100 times it was sung to me but has since then become so annoying. I would like to thank all the people who have sung it to me, but it is SO over.
Stacy's Mom is so over.
by Stacey January 11, 2005

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To be insulted, fired, and crucified for no reason and without warning.
You'd better not say that on TV, or else you'll get Howard Sterned.
by Stacey March 05, 2004

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